, Nanning, December 11 (Wei Ji, Lin Jieqi) Nanning Natural Resources Bureau, Guangxi, announced on the 11th that an intermediary person pretended to be Nanning Youju Real Estate for a case of defrauding a transfer property on the grounds of file investigation. The fact that the intermediary company conducts real estate transaction business and defrauds the sale of houses, brushes and transfers real estate is true, and its behavior is a fraud. At present, the intermediary has been arrested by the public security organs and the case is under investigation.

  According to media reports, since the beginning of this year, more than 10 property owners in Nanning, Guangxi, when they commissioned a real estate agency to sell their houses, they signed the "Real Estate Sales Agency Contract" with the agency and were required to scan their faces on the official app of the Nanning Real Estate Registration Center. After checking the files, the house was immediately transferred and mortgaged.

  After the incident, some homeowners inquired and found that after the real estate consultant deceived everyone to brush their faces by checking files, they also forged the signatures of the parties involved, resulting in the direct transfer of the house and the amount involved in the case exceeded 10 million yuan.

  Nanning Natural Resources Bureau reported that after the incident, the bureau fully cooperated with the public security organs to investigate and quickly launched an emergency plan to restrict the registration of the property involved in the case to prevent the re-transfer of the property involved in the case.

Judging from the feedback from the public security organs and the relevant information collected by the bureau, it can be considered that the real estate transactions involved in the case are real transactions, the buyer and the seller are real, and the sales contract is also the expression of the true intentions of both parties. However, there are still many doubts in the case. Further investigation is underway.

  In response to the official app "Yong e Deng" involved in the case, Nanning Natural Resources Bureau stated that since the launch of the real estate online self-service processing model, the face recognition authentication technology of public security agencies and Alipay has been applied in the processing of multiple business types. In order to reflect the true wishes of the applicant and the confirmation of the registration information, and in the whole process of business processing, 5 information prompts have been set up in 5 links including housing verification, information collection, tax payment, signing of online contracts, and submission of registration. , 1 electronic signature, 1 face verification, the whole process of handling the business is clear and convenient, rigorous and reasonable.

Although the case involved the application of facial brushing technology, it was a fraud from a legal point of view. It was because the criminals used convenient measures to commit fraud.

  The Nanning Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources also stated that the case was not universal, and the case was committed by the same person.

Through this case, we have also reflected on it, and there is still room for improvement in some management methods and system optimization.

  In the next step, the "Yonge Deng" app will be optimized and upgraded. It is planned to cooperate with the public security organs to add voice information collection in the face recognition link, and use voice to ensure that the applicant is clearly aware of the current use of face recognition and the details of the current business. Happening.

At the same time, the double guarantee of two face-swiping authentication and the addition of the verification function of the face-swiping verification code have made it more convenient and safer for citizens to use the "Yonge Deng" APP to apply for real estate registration.

  Nanning Natural Resources Bureau will also establish an intermediary filing and supervision mechanism with relevant departments. The intermediary can only use the app to engage in the real estate registration business after being reviewed by the real estate registration agency. At the same time, it plans to establish and improve the real estate registration agency integrity mechanism for real estate agencies. Personnel agency behavior strengthens restraint management and effectively regulates agency behavior of real estate agencies.