"Nuclear waste" disposal site Resume nationwide briefing session Suspended at Corona 4:28 on August 28

The briefing session held by the nation and other countries throughout the country for the purpose of geological disposal to bury underground "nuclear waste" from nuclear power plants was suspended due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but it will be restarted from this week It was.

The government plans to carry out geological disposal of high-level radioactive waste from nuclear fuel, which has been used up at the nuclear power plant, so-called "nuclear waste," deep underground, but the situation where the disposal site cannot be determined continues.

For this reason, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the national licensed corporation, NUMO = Nuclear Power Environment Improvement Organization, have been holding nationwide briefing sessions for three years, and were suspended for half a year due to the effect of the new coronavirus, but this week. It has been restarted from.

The event was held on the 27th in Sumida Ward, Tokyo, and the people in charge of the meeting explained the mechanism of waste generation and the disposal method.

This month around the disposal site, Kotobukicho, Hokkaido, announced that it is considering applying for the first survey toward selection, and discussions continue in the town.

A man in his 50s who participated in Tokyo said, "I used to feel like a thing, but I would like to talk with my family."

An executive of NUMO said, "It is important to get people all over the country to be interested, and we would like to hold it at a pace of about twice a month in the future."