Virtually abandoning deployment of Aegis Ashore "No contact" Governor of Akita Prefecture May 7, 12:21


Regarding the deployment of "Aegis Ashore", the Ministry of Defense virtually abandoned the deployment to the SDF exercise area in Akita City, and established a policy to consider new candidate sites mainly in Akita Prefecture, Akita Governor Satake of the prefecture is planning to consider the response after receiving a formal decision after complaining that there is no contact from the Ministry of Defense. Was shown.

Regarding the deployment of the new interceptor missile system "Aegis Ashore", the Ministry of Defense had selected the Ground Self-Defense Force Arsenal Exercise Area in Akita City as a candidate site, but it was deployed due to being too close to the residential area and strong local opposition. In fact, I gave up and decided to consider new candidate sites, mainly in Akita Prefecture.

Governor Satake of Akita Prefecture told reporters, "There was no contact from the Ministry of Defense. When I contacted the clerical staff, they answered that there was no fact of the decision. I feel more distrust. What kind of response should I take after receiving a formal talk? "

In addition, Akita City Mayor Hozumi said, "I think it is the best option for the Ministry of Defense to withdraw if it is not in the right place. I would like to keep an eye on the trends in the country."

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan "Deployment at Shinya Exercise Area No Facts to Give Up"

At the press conference in the morning, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga was concerned with the deployment of "Aegis Ashore" and said, "At this stage, we are still conducting a survey that is a prerequisite for consideration, and decided some policy and direction of consideration. There is no fact, and there is no fact that we gave up on deployment at the Shinya Exercise Area. "