Alcoholization illustration. - Luigi Innamorati / SIPA

The prefecture of Aisne, which had taken, on Monday, a decree to prohibit the sale of strong alcohol to fight against domestic violence in the context of confinement, backed down on Tuesday evening.

"Since domestic violence is often associated with excessive consumption of alcohol, a measure of regulation in the department, until March 31, of the take-away sale of alcoholic drinks had been decided", recalls in a press release published on Tuesday evening , Prefecture.

Risks related to domestic violence

The prefect, Ziad Khoury, explains that he was "alerted in particular by the police and gendarmerie services to the particular risks in terms of domestic violence during the current exceptional period of travel restriction. "Thus," the take-away sale of alcoholic drinks from 3rd to 5th group "was then prohibited until March 31.

"Nevertheless, following discussions, in particular with addictologists, on certain possible negative consequences of a generalized measure, even a very temporary one, the prefect decided to revoke this provision pending a broader assessment of the possible measures in this area ”, continues the prefecture.

The authorities recall that 54 emergency accommodation places are "dedicated" to victims of domestic violence and that "this capacity can be extended as needed".


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