A 48-year-old woman arrested on January 29 at 21:52 for suspicion of administering insulin to her husband or attempting murder

In April last year, a 48-year-old woman was arrested for trying to kill her at her home in Nishinari Ward, Osaka, trying to kill her husband with insulin. Police say it has denied the charges.

The arrested was Shizuka Mukai, 48, of Minamitsumori, Nishinari-ku, Osaka. According to police, in April last year he was suspected of attempting to kill a 51-year-old husband by administering insulin to his husband at home. Have been

Her husband is unconscious and is still being treated.

Her husband lost consciousness at home and was transported to a hospital. At that time, an unnatural hypoglycemia condition was confirmed, and the suspicious hospital reported to the police.

For this reason, police proceeded with investigations such as hearing opinions from multiple doctors, and it was found that hypoglycemic drugs that were previously taken because they were diagnosed with diabetes did not fall into a hypoglycemic state that caused unconsciousness .

Police decided to arrest Mr. Mukai, who had worked in the hospital as a nurse, on 29th, trying to kill her husband by administering insulin to her husband in some way, and decided to find out where to get it. Is.

According to the police, the investigation was denied with the charges, "I do not know. I have not done it."