This recall procedure involves a few hundred Chaource raw cheese, Lincet and Gaugry brands.

A few hundred Chaource raw milk cheese brands Lincet and Gaugry, sold throughout France, are subject to a recall procedure after the demonstration of the presence of Escherichia coli. A check has highlighted in these products, manufactured by the Lincet cheese factory in Vaudes in the Aube, the presence of Escherichia coli O111: H8, indicates the cheese Friday in a statement.

Nearly 700 cheeses

This bacterium is likely to cause serious problems in anyone consuming the product, she adds. Nearly 700 Chaource AOP cheeses of 500 grams raw milk, bearing the lot number 227.210 and with a deadline of consumption to 27 September 2019, are concerned, according to the press release.

Lincet brand cheeses have been sold in a variety of supermarket chains, both traditional and fresh, while Gaugry branded cheeses have been distributed in the dairy and market channels. "The outlets involved in the distribution of the contaminated lot have withdrawn and informed consumers through posters placed at the relevant places of sale," says Fromagerie Lincet. However, "some of these products have been marketed before the withdrawal measure, so people who hold these products are not allowed to consume them and bring them back to the point of sale where they were purchased," the text adds.