César 2019: "Until the Guard", "The Brothers Sisters", "Scheherazade" consecrated

The 44th Ceremony of the C & S has dedicated this February 22nd to the end; the guard, Xavier Legrand, and Jacques Audiard for Les Frères Sisters. Shà © hà © razade, first ...

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Jacques Audiard receives the César for the best achievement for "Les Frères Sisters" on February 22, 2019 at the 44th ceremony of the César. AFP / Bertrand Guay

The 44th ceremony of the Caesar devoted this February 22 to the guard , Xavier Legrand, and Jacques Audiard for The Brothers Sisters . Scheherazade , the first film by Jean-Bernard Marlin, created the surprise by winning three statuettes. Find the complete list.

Under the eyes of the American actor Robert Redford, guest of honor of this 44th ceremony, the César 2019 rewarded the film on domestic violence to the custody . This first feature film by Xavier Legrand has been awarded the César for the best film and Léa Drucker, who plays one of the title roles, that of the best actress.

For the third time, Jacques Audiard received the César for Best Director for Les Frères Sisters , a Franco-American western with Joaquin Phoenix, Jake Gyllenhaal and John C. Reilly.

Awards of César 2019:

Best female hopeful : Kenza Fortas in Sheherazade

Best photo : Benoît Debie for Les Frères Sisters

Best male athlete: Dylan Robert in Shéhérazade

Best Editing : Yorgos Lamprinos for Up to the Guard

Best sound : Brigitte Taillandier, Valérie de Loof and Cyril Holtz for Les Frères Sisters

Best documentary film : Neither judge nor submissive , directed by Jean Libon and Yves Hinant, produced by Bertrand Faivre

Best first film : Shéhérazade , directed by Jean-Bernard Marlin, produced by Grégoire Debailly

Best adaptation : Andréa Bescond and Éric Métayer for Les Chatouilles

Best animated film (short film) : Vilaine fille , directed by Ayce Kartal, produced by Damien Megherbi and Justin Pechberty

Best animated film (feature film) : Dilili in Paris , directed by Michel Ocelot, produced by Christophe Rossignon and Philip Boëffard

Caesar of the public : Tuches 3 , produced by Richard Grandpierre, Jérôme Seydoux, directed by Olivier Baroux

Best costumes : Jean-Pierre Larroque for Mademoiselle de Joncquières

Best decorations : Michel Barthélémy for Les Frères Sisters

Best Original Screenplay : Xavier Legrand for Up to the Guard

Best Short Film : Little Hands , directed by Rémi Allier, produced by Pauline Seigland

Best Actress in a Supporting Role : Karin Viard in Les Chatouilles

Caesar of Honor : Robert Redfort

Best Supporting Actor : Philippe Katerine in Le Grand Bain

Best Original Music : Vincent Blanchard and Romain Greffe for Guy

Best foreign film : A family affair , directed by Horikazu Kore-eda, distribution France The Pact

Best Actor : Alex Lutz in Guy

Best achievement : Jacques Audiard, for Les Frères Sisters

Best Actress : Lea Drucker in Up To The Guard

Best film : Up to the Guard , by Xavier Legrand, produced by Alexandre Gavras

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