Dogmix, the famous Obelix dog, will be the central figure of an animated series that will be broadcast from 2020 on France Télévisions. The 52 episodes of 11 minutes will take place in Lutèce, two years before this famous dog meets his master.

Fans of the world of Asterix and Obelix can rejoice: the famous dog Idéfix will be at the heart of a new animated series that will be broadcast in 2020 on France Télévisions, reports Le Journal du Dimanche . Indeed, 52 episodes of 11 minutes are in production.

A dog band in resistance

"We have often been approached for projects. As we already gather all generations around Asterix and Obelix with comics and cinema, we thought of Idéfix, very popular with young audiences, " says Céleste Surugue, General Director of Editions Albert René.

The story of this animation series will take place in Lutèce in 52 BC, two years before Idefix met his master Obelix. At that time, the whole city is occupied by the Romans, well not really since a band of irreducible dogs resist the invader!

Idéfix will (finally) speak

"It is about putting oneself up to children to reach new generations, while preserving the DNA of Asterix, which has won over parents," says Tiphaine de Raguenel, director of youth activities for France Télévisions. Idéfix will be supported by other companions in the image of Padgachix, a debonair bulldog and strong; Turbine, a little naïve and ultrafast bitch; and Baratine, a street cat who knows Lutece in every nook and cranny, says the JDD .

"We will try to find the brushstroke of Uderzo and puns Goscinny," adds the director Charles Vaucelle. This series, produced by Studio 58 and Futurikon, should be closer to the feature film The Domain of the Gods in terms of graphics. Finally, unlike the comic book, the famous dog will speak.