Industry revenue to grow from about 2.5 trillion yuan to about 9.5 trillion yuan from 2012 to 2021

  In the past ten years, the software industry has accelerated innovation and strong resilience (Sankei Observation: This decade, the real economy has become stronger⑤)

  Today, our productive lifestyle is undergoing such changes:

  On the demand side, one-click shopping on mobile phones, scanning QR codes to query information, opening online office APPs to hold remote meetings... Digital applications make life more convenient.

  On the supply side, computer-aided design has effectively improved the efficiency of building construction, digital factory simulation has helped shorten the research and development cycle, and the production control system has achieved comprehensive energy management and control... The new generation of information technology has become the key support for industrial transformation and upgrading.

  The software industry is facilitating our production and life and promoting the vigorous development of the digital economy.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "innovative development and the transformation of old and new kinetic energy are the keys to whether we can pass the hurdle" and "implement the in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization into specific industries, specific industries, and specific products."

  How has China's software industry changed in the past 10 years?

Towards high-quality development, what opportunities and challenges still exist?

The reporter conducted an interview.

  Ten years of forging ahead, increasing quantity and quality

  Over the past ten years, the software industry business revenue has grown by an average of 16.1% annually, and the gap between major products has narrowed significantly

  The signals flickered and the machines roared. Entering the China Railway Equipment Intelligent Factory, riveting, sandblasting, and painting, every process was orderly.

How to realize automatic production?

  Stepping into the intelligent equipment integrated information management and control platform, the mystery is revealed: on the huge display screen, the production status, equipment operation, order delivery and other data are beating in real time, and the key flowcharts are at a glance.

Several rows of servers are connected behind the display screen, and various production control and management software are built-in, which is the "central nervous system" that drives the entire intelligent factory.

  "Based on the production and operation data of the enterprise, our tailor-made ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software realizes real-time data collection and human-machine collaborative control throughout the entire process, shortening the product delivery cycle by nearly 10%. The comprehensive cost is reduced by about 5%." said Xu Tongming, general manager of Inspur General Software Intelligent Manufacturing Products.

  It was rare 10 years ago for large manufacturing enterprises to hold hands with domestic industrial software.

Wang Xingshan, executive president of Inspur Group, recalled that due to factors such as technology, domestic management software mostly supported internal business operations, weak management and coordination capabilities for external suppliers, and low market share.

"In the past 10 years, the company has continued to tackle key technologies and iterated in different demand scenarios, and now it has entered the high-end market." Wang Xingshan said that currently, 68 of the 97 central enterprises have introduced Inspur cloud ERP software to promote their own digital transformation .

  In the past 10 years, not only industrial software but also basic software have achieved catch-up and surpass.

  Not long ago, State Grid completed the operating system migration and transformation of its power core intelligent dispatching system.

"In the early days of the power industry, foreign operating systems were mostly used, and the procurement and service costs were relatively high." Liang Bing, chairman of the ORA Open Source Community Brand Committee, introduced that in 2019, the State Grid began to migrate to the Huawei Kunpeng server platform, and the operating system selected Kirin Xin'an ORA version. , and gradually realize the safe replacement of the core scheduling system software.

  Behind the localization replacement is Huawei's "ten years of sharpening a sword".

"Around 2010, Huawei decided to develop its own operating system to better support the expansion of high-end server business." Liang Bing said that in the past 10 years, it has accelerated by forming teams, attacking technologies, and building an ecosystem.

At present, the Euler operating system has covered multiple scenarios such as finance, energy, and telecommunications. Last year, the number of commercial use exceeded 1.02 million sets.

  "Over the past 10 years, my country's software industry has achieved a comprehensive improvement in scale, quality and efficiency, driving the vigorous development of the digital economy," said Lv Weifeng, secretary-general of the China Software Industry Association.

  The quality benefit has grown steadily.

The business revenue of the software industry will increase from about 2.5 trillion yuan in 2012 to about 9.5 trillion yuan in 2021, with an average annual growth rate of 16.1%, ranking among the forefront of all industries in the national economy; software industry business revenue and profits account for the proportion of the information industry up 14 and 13 percentage points, respectively.

  The innovation ability has been significantly improved.

The number of employees in the software industry will increase from 4.7 million in 2013 to 8.09 million in 2021, and the labor productivity of all employees will increase by more than 80%.

Leading enterprises have a strong drive for innovation.

  The self-controllable effect is obvious.

The maturity of domestic operating systems, databases, office software and other basic software has significantly narrowed the gap with international mainstream products, accelerating the transition from "usable" to "easy to use". The Hongmeng mobile operating system has accumulated more than 240 million units, and WPS office software products cover More than 220 countries and regions; domestic three-dimensional CAD (computer-aided design) product performance has approached the international middle level; domestic business management industrial software market share of 70%.

  Ten years of transformation, by using it

  The policy dividends are continuously released, and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain cooperate in research and development

  "Ten years ago, the industry focused on how to 'use' software. At that time, the demand for informatization applications in various industries was strong and urgent, and the software market was fully open to cooperation, which promoted the rapid growth of the software industry. Hidden dangers such as control are also gradually emerging." In Lv Weifeng's view, in the past 10 years, the industry's focus has gradually shifted to how to "make" software, constantly promoting the software industry from high-speed growth to high-quality development, moving from the mid-to-low end of the industry chain to the middle High end.

  Not only maintaining a reasonable growth rate to help the industry grow steadily, but also making steady progress on the road of independent and controllable industrial chain. In the past 10 years, where has the resilience of the software industry come from?

  ——The policy dividends have been continuously released, the construction of a new national system has been accelerated, and the momentum of cohesive research has been activated.

  In Wuhan Optics Valley, a building complex covering an area of ​​about 100,000 square meters has sprung up.

Relying on BIM (Building Information Modeling) software, the East Lake Laboratory project effectively controlled on-site demolition and modification, avoiding more than 90% of extra-budgetary changes.

Compared with buildings of the same volume, the construction period is shortened by 6 months.

  "The most commendable thing is that the project has fully applied domestic BIM software." Jin Zhihong, chairman of CITIC Engineering Design and Construction Co., Ltd., said that at present, BIM software has been widely used in the construction industry. Compared with foreign software, the performance is close to the level of foreign software. about 70%.

  In September 2019, CITIC Engineering and China Academy of Building Research, together with more than 20 domestic industry-university-research units, won the bid for the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's major BIM "stuck neck" project.

The former competitor has become a partner who has jointly tackled key problems, and has made every effort to realize the localization of all BIM software graphics engines and basic algorithms. In just two years, 60 BIM software research and development projects have been completed, and the self-controllable BIM technology has gone from 0 to 1. breakthrough.

  In the past 10 years, the software industry has ushered in a "golden period" of development.

In 2019, the national software development strategy was released and implemented, and the high-quality development of the software industry has become a national strategy.

In 2020, "Several Policies for Promoting the High-quality Development of the Integrated Circuit Industry and Software Industry in the New Era" was released, proposing to focus on the research and development of key core technologies such as basic software and industrial software, and to continuously explore and build key core technologies under the conditions of a socialist market economy. New national system.

The Dameng database has taken root in many fields such as power grid and finance. Industrial software such as Zhongwang Longteng and Zhejiang Zhongkong have been listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board successively... Concentrating on the strengths to promote breakthroughs in core software one after another and gain market favor.

  ——Increased awareness of autonomy and control, coordinated research and development between upstream and downstream of the industry chain, and concentrated efforts to deepen applications.

  A total of 900 million Chinese people have been served, and more than 4 million corporate customers have been served globally. Behind Alibaba Cloud's outstanding achievements, the self-developed Feitian operating system has become the biggest confidence.

  Jiang Jiangwei, head of Alibaba Cloud's Intelligent Basic Products Division, recalled that benefiting from the growth dividends in the domestic market, e-commerce platforms faced new challenges of high throughput of big data.

The 10-year technological "long march" has enabled us not only to realize the independent and controllable operating system, but also to successfully realize the technological output and become a new growth point.

  "Mature software is used." Wang Xingshan has been deeply involved in the industry for many years, and Wang Xingshan clearly feels that the willingness of manufacturing enterprises to cooperate with domestic manufacturers has been increasing in recent years.

"Some companies are not only choosing products, but also seeking strategic partners. Although domestic software needs to be improved in some aspects, they often work together to create mature software that is easy to use through collaborative research." Wang Xingshan said.

  In the past 10 years, the software industry has adhered to application traction, complete machine driving, and ecological cultivation, responding to the needs of industrial development, promoting key technology innovation, adaptation compatibility and application promotion, and has achieved domestic software in finance, energy, telecommunications, manufacturing and other key applications. In-depth application and innovative iteration of scenarios.

  ——The development environment is getting better and better, the impetus for technological innovation is more abundant, and the entrepreneurial energy to take root in the industry is accumulated.

  "The rise of domestic software has benefited from the continuous promotion of genuine software in recent years." Liu Yufeng, executive vice president of Zhongwang Longteng Software Co., Ltd. explained that taking CAD software as an example, cracking down on piracy has forced domestic manufacturing enterprises to gradually generate demand for genuine copies , which creates conditions for more cost-effective domestic software.

"It is the foundation of continuous polishing and iteration in low-end and mid-end industrial scenarios that makes domestic software competitive in the high-end market."

  To protect intellectual property is to protect innovation.

In the past 10 years, the number of computer software copyright registrations in my country has increased from 139,200 in 2012 to 2.28 million in 2021.

The patent reserves in key core technology fields have been continuously enhanced, which strongly supports the transformation and upgrading of the software industry.

  On a new journey, new opportunities

  Accelerate the promotion of applications, embrace the open source ecosystem, and release greater potential

  After a ten-year journey and a ten-year journey, the Internet of Everything has brought new space for the expansion of the software industry.

  "my country has the most complete industrial system in the world. There are a large number of industrial enterprises at different stages of development, and there is a strong demand for digital transformation. This has created a wealth of application scenarios for the optimization and iteration of domestic software," said Lv Weifeng.

By the end of last year, the numerical control rate of key processes and the penetration rate of digital R&D and design tools in industrial enterprises across the country reached 55.3% and 74.7%, respectively, an increase of 30.7 and 25.9 percentage points over 2012.

With the accelerated penetration of software into vertical industries, while accelerating the digital transformation of traditional industries, it will also provide a larger market space for the software industry.

  Towards high-quality development, what should China's software industry do?

  Speed ​​up the promotion and application, so that more domestic software can be changed from "useable" to "easy to use".

  "The first-mover advantage in the software industry is obvious. Foreign software was promoted globally earlier and gained more application scenarios and customer resources." Liu Yufeng said that improving the quality of domestic software requires software manufacturers to continuously develop compatible technologies and improve product quality. Policy support is needed to guide more enterprises to give priority to using domestic software and accelerate the iterative maturity of software.

  From "useable" to "easy to use", the key is to use multiple things.

Jin Zhihong said frankly that after the domestic software achieves a technological breakthrough from 0 to 1, there are still situations in which it is not trusted and not optimistic in its promotion and application. It is recommended to increase the promotion of domestic software and use large-scale commercial applications to help core technologies From "following" to "catching up".

  Increase investment and continue to improve the independent innovation capability of domestic software.

  Liu Yufeng analyzed that domestic software mostly copied and copied, and there were few innovation breakthroughs.

The main reason behind this is that the R&D investment is much lower than that of foreign companies, and the technical level is difficult to meet the needs of high-end scenarios.

Whether it is technological iteration or ecological construction, continuous capital investment is required. It is recommended to improve and implement relevant policies to support independent innovation of enterprises, and use greater policy dividends to encourage enterprises to increase investment in R&D and enhance independent innovation capabilities.

  The development of domestic software requires both capital investment and talent investment.

Xu Yaqian, the relevant person in charge of the Xinsoft Institute of CCID Research Institute, proposed that other industries have an obvious siphon effect on talents in the industrial field, resulting in a long-term shortage of professional talents in the field of industrial software. Enterprise joint training and other methods to alleviate the imbalance of software talent structure.”

  Embrace the open source ecology, and drive the industry into the fast lane with public research and public innovation.

  "The open source ecology can gather the wisdom and strengths of the masses. By changing the 'one family' to 'open and common', it can accelerate the iterative upgrade of software and reduce the cost of enterprise research and development." Sun Wenlong, secretary general of the Open Atom Open Source Foundation, introduced the first open source open source in China. Since the foundation was established, 9 projects including Euler and Open Hongmeng have started incubation, covering key areas such as operating systems, cloud computing, and blockchain.

  "Through open source, the Euler operating system took two years to achieve the level of development that similar products took five years to achieve." Liang Bing explained that the open source community has gathered many software, chip and application manufacturers, upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain It can directly match supply and demand and coordinate research and development, which greatly improves the development efficiency of customers, and the operating system can grow and mature rapidly.

  The "14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Software and Information Technology Service Industry" clearly states that by 2025, the shortcomings and weaknesses of the industrial chain will be effectively resolved, the supply capacity of key software such as basic software and industrial software will be significantly improved, and 2 to 3 international companies will be built. Influential open source community.

"Accelerating the repair of short boards and forging long boards, and fully releasing innovation vitality, the software industry will surely reach a new level of high-quality development." said the relevant person in charge of the Information Technology Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

  Our reporter Han Xin