China News Service, Taiyuan, March 5 (Yang Jing) After the Spring Festival, it is the outbound season for international students. In the past few days, international students have been calling Jinyang Customs for consultation and making appointments for outbound pet inspection and quarantine.

The reporter learned from Jinyang Customs on March 5 that the customs had issued 10 "cute pet passports" in 2024.

  “I learned just before departure that when traveling with pets, I needed to go to the customs to apply for a certificate of departure. I was originally worried that if I didn’t have time to apply, my cat would not be able to study abroad with me. With the help of Jinyang Customs, I received the Animal Health Certificate on the same day. Thank you so much." Ms. Wang, a citizen of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, expressed her gratitude to the customs officers with her exotic shorthair cat "Tuo Tuo".

  Song Fang, chief of the Comprehensive Business Section of Jinyang Customs, told reporters that there is more than one "shit shovel officer" like Ms. Wang who is imminent.

Pet owners do not understand the process of leaving the country for pets, and it coincides with the peak of returning to school after the holidays. "Passengers who come to the customs to handle the procedures for leaving the country of pets are very anxious in recent days, and the remaining time is less than 3 working days."

  Faced with the situation that passengers traveling with pets out of the country are pressed for time and need to quickly check and release their certificates, Jinyang Customs has opened a green channel, assigned dedicated personnel to serve at the front, adopted a one-stop process, promptly accepted the outbound pet inspection, and patiently explained to passengers about bringing pets out of the country. The quarantine policy requires passengers to carry the rabies vaccination certificate, antibody titer test report, pet chip implantation certificate and other relevant materials required for quarantine.

  At the customs declaration hall, customs animal quarantine inspectors will conduct a "physical examination" on the pet as soon as possible. After confirming that it meets the health requirements, an "Animal Health Certificate" will be issued on the spot, and the animal health quarantine procedures will be completed for passengers in just one working day.

  According to reports, pets may carry animal infectious diseases, parasites, etc., posing certain public health and safety risks.

In order to prevent the spread of animal infectious diseases and parasitic diseases and protect the health and safety of domestic animals, most countries or regions have implemented strict quarantine for imported pets.

  According to relevant regulations, the "Animal Health Certificate" is a necessary international travel customs clearance document for companion animals (cats and dogs only) when leaving the country. It is generally valid for 14 days.

Currently, most countries or regions have strict quarantine requirements for imported pets, and different countries or regions have different requirements.

  Customs reminder: Pet carriers or agents should fill out the "Application Form for Exit Quarantine with Pets" and declare to the local customs within 7 days before leaving the country.

If the information reviewed by the customs is correct and the quarantine is qualified, an "Animal Health Certificate" will be issued within 3 working days.