Changjiang Daily News (Reporter Huang Lijuan, Correspondent Wu Xiujuan) The spring breeze is blowing, flowers across the country are beginning to bloom, and flower-viewing tourism has become one of the most popular tourism activities in spring.

On March 1, Tongcheng Travel released the "Tourism Travel Trend Report for the 2024 Hiking Season".

The report shows that the popularity of flower viewing tours in March increased more than three times year-on-year, becoming the highlight of the spring tourism market.

Wuyuan in Jiangxi, Linzhi in Tibet, Hangzhou in Zhejiang, Wuhan in Hubei, Luoping in Yunnan, Bijie in Guizhou, Jinchuan in Sichuan, Ili in Xinjiang, Wuxi in Jiangsu and Xinghua in Jiangsu have become popular destinations for tourists.

  Tongcheng Travel data shows that among many domestic flower-viewing destinations, hotel bookings in Linzhi increased by 82% year-on-year in the past week, and hotel bookings in Bijie increased by 85% year-on-year, showing tourists' enthusiasm for flower-viewing tours.

The outbound flower viewing tour market is also showing a rapid growth trend.

Exquisite small group and private group products such as the Dutch tulip flower viewing route from March to April and the Bulgarian Rose Festival limited product departing at the end of May have received great attention from users, providing tourists with more flower viewing tour options.

  This spring's flower-viewing tour market shows the characteristics of "a combination of long and short". Medium- and long-term flower-viewing tours of more than 5 days and high-frequency short- and medium-distance tours of surrounding areas of less than 3 days are favored by tourists.

This diversified tourism model meets the needs of different tourists. Whether they are travelers who want an in-depth experience or office workers looking for a short weekend to relax, they can find a suitable flower viewing trip.

  In recent years, many domestic scenic spots and destinations, such as Xixi Wetland Park, Beijing World Flower Grand View Garden, and Wuhan Garden Expo, have combined flower appreciation and outings with traditional Chinese culture, and launched Flower Festival, Flower God Parade and other traditional culture-related events. Flower viewing activities.

These activities not only allow tourists to appreciate beautiful flowers, but also experience the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

According to incomplete statistics, there will be more than 200 theme activities related to the Flower Festival held in various places in 2023. It is expected that there will be more flower viewing activities related to intangible cultural heritage and traditional culture this year to attract tourists.

  Tongcheng Travel has launched a special feature on outing and flower viewing.

Users who log in to the Tongcheng Travel APP or mini-program and enter the special page can receive a flower-viewing outing subsidy of up to 688 yuan.

The event page selects popular domestic flower-viewing routes covering Yunnan, Xinjiang, Guizhou, Sichuan, Tibet, etc., as well as exquisite outbound flower-viewing routes from Japan, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, etc., providing tourists with a wealth of spring travel options.