China News Service, Shanghai, March 5th (Pu Fan Mayong) On the morning of the 5th, the cruise ships "Aida·Modu" and "Westerdam" were escorted by maritime patrol boats and berthed at Wusongkou. The international cruise port terminal is lined up with the "Gulangyu" and "Lembongan Star", presenting a scene of "four cruise ships in the same frame".

On that day, more than 6,200 passengers went through immigration formalities.

This is also the first time that Wusongkou International Cruise Port has docked two operating cruise ships at the same time since international cruise ships resumed operations.

On the morning of the 5th, the Wusongkou International Cruise Port Terminal presented a scene of "four mails in the same frame".

Photo by Zhang Han

  Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal is close to the waterway, and ship traffic in the waters ahead of the terminal is intensively intertwined.

In order to fully ensure that the "Aida·Modu" and the "Westerdam" berthed in the port in a short period of time, the Baoshan Maritime Safety Administration fully prepared, strengthened linkage, and precise control, and refined the safety of international cruise ships with "one ship, one policy" Supervision and service guarantee plan, based on the principle of "avoiding peaks and berthing", agreeing on the optimal berthing and unberthing time, promptly reporting safety information such as navigation and meteorology, and comprehensively using the three-dimensional supervision method of "drone + coast guard + electronic cruise" , scientifically and effectively carry out ship flow control and guidance.

  In order to facilitate convenient and efficient port customs clearance, Baoshan Maritime Safety Administration has also opened a green channel for cruise government services, improved the efficiency of declaration and approval for fuel refueling and other operations, implemented measures to facilitate the movement of windows forward and government boarding on board, and carried out information collection and other services for crew members. .

  It is reported that in 2023, the Shanghai Municipal Government's "Shanghai Action Plan to Promote the High-Quality Development of the International Cruise Economy (2023-2025)" clarified that by 2025, a cruise economy development Shanghai model consisting of "hub port + headquarters port + manufacturing port" will be formed.

Baoshan Maritime Safety Bureau law enforcement officials said that they will take protecting the safety of cruise ships and ensuring the safety of water areas as their own responsibility, continuously optimize and improve cruise safety supervision and service guarantee measures, and help build a new pattern of high-quality development of the cruise economy with coordinated development of ships, ports, and regions, and provide Shanghai with a new pattern of high-quality development of the cruise economy. The construction of the international cruise tourism resort and Shanghai International Shipping Center has contributed to maritime resources.