China News Service, March 5 (China News Business Reporter Zuo Yukun) On March 5, the second session of the 14th National People's Congress opened.

The government work report, which has attracted much attention, contains a lot of content related to the real estate field and reveals new ideas.

  Most of this statement on real estate is made within the framework of “better coordinating development and security, and effectively preventing and resolving risks in key areas.”

Industry analysts believe that compared with the statement of "effectively preventing and resolving major economic and financial risks" in 2023, it means that new requirements for "development and security" have been put forward for real estate work.

  Data map: real estate properties.

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Propose "improving the long-term mechanism for risk prevention and control"

  The government report proposed “improving the long-term mechanism for risk prevention and control.”

Yan Yuejin, research director of E-House Research Institute, said that regarding real estate, we have previously mentioned the development of long-term mechanisms and the management of long-term mechanisms. This is the third expression of long-term mechanisms.

This also means that there may be some institutional breakthroughs and innovations in preventing and resolving real estate risks this year.

  Li Yujia, chief researcher of the Housing Policy Research Center of the Guangdong Provincial Institute of Urban Planning, further said that this means that the current stabilization of real estate and control of industry risks cannot only rely on financing support and demand-side encouragement, but must rely on long-term mechanisms.

And this long-term mechanism is the new model of the industry.

The government work report pointed out that we should adapt to the development trend of new urbanization and changes in the supply and demand relationship in the real estate market and accelerate the construction of a new model of real estate development.

  In addition, this year’s government work report also proposed in the “Proper and orderly handling of hidden risks” section that it is necessary to “optimize real estate policies, provide equal support to the reasonable financing needs of real estate enterprises of different ownerships, and promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.”

  Yang Chang, chief analyst of the policy group of Zhongtai Securities Research Institute, said that a series of early policy measures, including adjustments to the early "three red lines", the establishment of special loans and a financing whitelist system, all reflected the reasonable financing of real estate companies. With the support of demand, it is expected to continue further in the future.

Continue to maintain the stability of the commercial housing market

  The government work report pointed out that the construction and supply of affordable housing should be increased, and basic systems related to commercial housing should be improved to meet residents' rigid housing needs and diversified improved housing needs.

Li Yujia believes that this reflects the consideration of continuing to maintain stability in the commercial housing market.

  Yan Yuejin said that the concept of "diversification" is mentioned in meeting housing needs, that is, diversified and improved housing needs.

This statement is comparative, which also shows that the understanding of the need for improved housing has risen to a new level.

  "For example, the positioning and starting point of the demand for house replacement are now very different in different places. Some hope to buy a larger house, some hope to have a better location, and some hope to trade in the old house for a new one. These are all very reasonable demands, and they are also the reason for the purchase of houses in various places this year. The key content for further adjustment and optimization of policies." Yan Yuejin said.

  Yang Chang said that judging from the recent high-frequency indicators such as transaction area and transaction price in the real estate market, it is in line with the important judgment of "changes in market supply and demand" in the government work report. It is expected that the construction of affordable housing may be the focus in 2024 and is expected to become An important support for the new model of real estate development.

  As an important part of my country's affordable housing system, affordable rental housing has achieved significant leaps and bounds during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

Monitoring data from the ICCRA Housing Rental Industry Research Institute shows that currently in 16 major cities across the country, the number of institutionally operated centralized rental housing projects has reached 3,019, with a total number of rooms provided reaching 917,801 units (rooms), with an annual growth rate of 54.9%.

In some cities, this number has even grown exponentially.

  "Since the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has conducted intensive research and has effectively pushed the construction of affordable rental housing into a new stage of implementation. It is expected that this year's construction of affordable rental housing will not only focus on the arrangement of the core elements of 'people, housing, land, money', but also People-oriented, people's livelihood security, green buildings and effective use of existing land should be comprehensively taken into consideration." Zhao Ran, President of ICCRA Housing Rental Industry Research Institute, believes.

  Data map: A residential area under construction.

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Higher quality new urbanization

  "Adapting to the development trend of new urbanization" is also an important statement on real estate in this government work report.

Yan Yuejin believes that, in line with the sentence "There is still a lot of room for development and improvement in my country's urbanization", it can be made clear that the general logic of urbanization supporting real estate development has not changed, and it will also help us enhance our confidence in real estate development this year.

  "In the past, the concept of new urbanization was mainly based on the scale and prospects of real estate development. This innovation has established the concept of 'new urbanization-new model of real estate development', which means that new urbanization is still our understanding of real estate. Key points to pay attention to when developing and developing new models," Yan Yuejin said.

  Regarding new urbanization, Li Yujia believes that in addition to continuing to mention "accelerating the urbanization of agricultural migrant populations and making counties an important carrier of new urbanization", there is also more mention of improving the quality of urbanization for people who have entered cities.

This includes promoting the construction of "both leisure and emergency" public infrastructure, the renovation of urban villages, the installation of elevators in old communities, and the construction of aging-friendly facilities.

  “The emphasis on utilizing existing resources and making up for structural shortcomings in the existing resources also means that the era of large-scale urbanization promoting new construction is over and entering a new period of revitalizing and utilizing existing resources, which must be refined according to people’s needs. repairs and community governance, etc.," Li Yujia said.

  Yan Yuejin noticed that this government work report also requires in the section of "actively promoting new urbanization" that new urbanization should be people-oriented, improve refined management and service levels, and allow the people to enjoy a higher quality of life.

  "Objectively, high-quality life is prerequisite for high-quality housing. All localities must implement such policies in depth and actively implement high-quality residential construction, supply, sales, and rentals. This can also be understood as a new aspect of real estate development. Opportunities and breakthroughs." Yan Yuejin said.

  “Overall, with the development trend of new urbanization and changes in the supply and demand relationship in the real estate market, the relationship between people and living space has also taken on a new position, and the residential service industry has truly moved towards a new stage of high-quality development of high-quality products and high-quality services. ." Peng Yongdong, chairman and CEO of, believes.