VH Assistance, which has been one of the leading players in the assistance industry, was founded over 20 years ago.

When SVT Nyheter examined the company last year, more than 20 former employees testified about serious misconduct and an unsustainable working environment.

After the review, additional employees and former employees have heard criticism of the company.

Försäkringskassan stopped payments to VH Assistance 2020 and the Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate, IVO, withdrew the permit to conduct assistance activities.

The background was, among other things, suspicions of sham employment, misconduct in the work environment and that incorrect information had been submitted to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

IVO's decision was appealed and VH Assistance got the permit back after a ruling in the administrative court in May last year.

Loses the condition

Now it was IVO's turn to appeal - and after a lengthy process, the Court of Appeal in Stockholm has now left its message: the court gives IVO the right and revokes the administrative court's judgment.

VH Assistance thus loses the license to conduct assistance operations.

"The fact that the company appears in several decisions where information has been obtained about frivolous employment offers is serious," the Court of Appeal writes in the judgment and states that it is extra remarkable that one of the decisions concerns the company's representatives.

In our review, several former employees testified to a systematic utilization of foreign labor.

Several assistants said that they were allowed to perform tasks that were not assistance, something that the Court of Appeal also addresses in the judgment.

We were able to reveal details about what the authorities call "user import" when we met two families from Mongolia who felt exploited by VH Assistance.

VH Assistance now has three weeks from the date of the judgment to appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court.

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Here, the reporter briefly explains the previous review:

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When it comes to welfare fraud, the assistance industry is singled out as particularly hard hit.

Photo: Christoffer Hjalmarsson / SVT