Nur was here .. Seminar on the author of blind resistance

Laurent Lemerre presents on the pages of the French Lunoville Observateur the proceedings of a university seminar in memory of Jacques Lucerane, the blind-minded French writer and author of Et Lumière fut, who was deported to the Buchenwald camp.

Lemerre says that this blind writer, who was forgotten in the field of resistance, participated in the freedom volunteers, and was a regular writer in writing, and was highlighted by Jerome Garsin in 2015 in his book "Le Voyant."

The seminar on Lucerne (1924-1971), according to Lemerre, characterized the quality of interventions, including the intervention of the blind historian Jack Simelin, who clearly illustrated the whole symposium.

The writer saw that this is the least fitting to recall the character of this "brotherly and enlightened" man, according to Zena Wigand, the person whose creativity fueled a mysterious fire burned by his relatives at times.

He lost sight at the age of seven and months when a stampede came out of the classroom. He fell on his head and hit his head in the office. He snatched his right eye when he entered the eyeglass arm and torn his left retina.

Then the boy's eyes looked back inward - as Lemerre put it - his words turned to colors according to the sensitivity reflected in his writing, as the researchers see after examining his brain mechanisms and analyzing his texts.

The writer praised the beauty of the texts produced by this blind writer, especially the influential testimonies he wrote about Pascal and Jack Bloc, whom they met at the Buchenwald camp in 1944, and the radio interview with Pierre Desgrabbs in 1953, where he explains "The Light" .

"I blindly blind myself to the destiny that leads me," says Lucera. "I want to say what I know, because I know nothing but myself and this ignorance satisfies me and reassures me.