Kim Geun-sik, the perpetrator of a serial child rape case, will be released from prison in October.

On the 1st episode of SBS' 'I want to know that' (hereafter 'Gal'), the subtitle of 'The White Car of Fear - Serial rapist Kim Geun-sik's release' shed light on the serial child rapist Kim Geun-sik.

Munju, who was sexually assaulted by an adult male while attending elementary school, was afraid of adult men until she became an adult.

Then something happened that brought back memories of his past.

He was horribly surprised to see a man in the news recently.

The figure of the criminal he remembered appeared on the news.

He was Kim Geun-sik, a serial child rapist.

In particular, he made Munju even more afraid as he is expected to be released this month after sexually assaulting 12 children.

Moon-ju was worried that if he was released from prison, he might commit another crime against children.

At the time of the arrest in 2006, the police shocked to find out that Kim Geun-sik had committed crimes in a similar way in the past with 19 criminals including rape and injury.

Kim Geun-sik approached a child going to school to help him, and the children willingly followed him to help the ordinary-looking man.

But Kim Geun-sik committed an ugly crime to children who tried to do him a favor.

Kim Geun-sik approached children in a white car.

His case was not revealed in the first place.

Between May and June 2006, three cases of child sexual assault were received in Incheon alone, and the police noticed that they were all driving white cars and started an investigation.

And during the investigation, 4 additional cases of damage occurred, and the police succeeded in arresting Kim Geun-sik by publicly seeking the identity of Kim Geun-sik.

Kim Geun-sik, who lived a prison sentence for the same type of crime and resumed the crime 16 days after being released from prison.

He committed a total of 12 sexual assault crimes during the five months at that time, most of which were sexual assaults against minors from elementary school to middle school.

The expert said, "I have committed 13 sexual assault crimes, and all of them were sexual violence enough to rupture the vulva. It is difficult to understand if it is not a perversion or pedophilia that I was excited every time even though it was a serious form of sexual assault."

And during the interview, the production team confirmed the fact that Kim Geun-sik's sentence was increased due to violent incidents while in prison.

In response, experts said, "The recidivism rate is obviously higher because of impulsive violence during the incarceration period. Psychiatric treatment cannot cure child sex offenders who are judged to be perverts. In Kim Geun-sik's case, he will reoffend 100%." bordered on

The broadcast mentioned cases of sexual violence crimes by the elderly and emphasized that the age of the offender is not important in sexual violence crimes.

In addition, by citing the case of Jo Doo-soon, he revealed the reality of being supervised by a medical staff.

The Ministry of Justice said that it would designate Kim Geun-sik as a subject of one-on-one electronic supervision and consider measures such as residence, going out, and travel restrictions.

It also announced that it would amend the law to provide indefinite treatment and probation for pedophile child sex offenders who are at high risk of recidivism.

But are these measures sufficient to prevent child sexual violence crimes like Kim Geun-sik?

In response, the broadcast drew attention by emphasizing that Kim Geun-sik's release from release is not a vague anxiety, but a reality that will soon appear before us, emphasizing the need to discuss more realistic measures. 

(SBS Entertainment News Editor Kim Hyo-jeong)