In the case where a clinic entering a building in Kita-ku, Osaka was set on fire and 25 people were involved, it was found that a key ring with a key to the suspect's house was found in the trash box on the first floor of the building. I did.

The suspect is believed to have been abandoned shortly before the incident, and police are investigating it as he was determined to commit suicide instead of returning to his home after the incident.

Last month, a clinic in the Department of Psychiatry, which entered a building in Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka, was set on fire. Morio Tanimoto (61 at the time) died.

In the investigation so far, after the incident, a key ring with eight keys was found from the trash can on the first floor of the building, such as the house where Tanimoto lived until just before and the bicycle on the site. I understand.

In addition, the schedule management app on the suspect's smartphone had a description of "visiting the grave", and at that time the grave of a relative in Konohana-ku, Osaka was destroyed and the remains of his parents were gone, and on the day of the incident. Was found to have a tombstone knocked down.

The suspect knew that he was heading in the direction of the flames after igniting the fire at the scene, and police were investigating that he had decided not to return to the house after the incident and decided to commit suicide. increase.