• A week-long diet to end fluid retention and lose two kilos

There is a regimen that has managed to 'sneak' itself into the top ten plans to lose a lot of weight and in a very short time: the Sirtfood diet.

although more than with his own name with a foreign one, that of the British Adele, his luxury ambassador because it was with this type of diet that he managed to lose 50 kilos in just a few months.

This diet, which is based on a great

caloric restriction

, is not easy to follow and requires a will of iron since during the first week it requires consuming less than

1,000 calories a day

, which are then increased, in the following two weeks, until the

1,500 calories

and, in the third week,


How? Minimizing the consumption of carbohydrates and taking only

fruit and vegetable juices

and a series of allowed foods.

The objective of this sacrifice - according to the British nutritionists

Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten,

its creators - is to enhance sirtuins, hence their name, proteins that activate the metabolism and help

burn fat.

Thus, the

Sirtfood diet

is based on a series of foods that promote the action of these enzymes, also responsible for protecting cells from stress and inflammation, accelerating metabolism to

synthesize fats

more quickly and, as a result, lose weight by leaps and bounds.

A safe diet?

It is not entirely clear. According to experts, it is not sufficiently supported by good direct scientific evidence. "It is based on deducing consequences of certain plausible mechanisms, but which have not been verified in sufficiently well-designed studies", explains

Miguel Ángel Martínez-González,

specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health and author of the book 'What do you eat? Science and conscience to resist '.

In his opinion, the famous

Sirtfood diet

"is not the most suitable for losing weight and, above all, for maintaining good weight loss in the long term." In this sense, "the most scientifically solid thing we have is a

Mediterranean diet


reduced calories,

" says the doctor. "It was already demonstrated in the excellent 'Direct' study carried out by Professor

Iris Shai

in Israel and with a six-year follow-up, which was published in the best medical journal. This type of study is better founded and is much more reliable than that can be speculated from some isolated subcellular mechanism ".

Thus, the expert warns that this "extreme diet can be

dangerous without



or supervision, especially if there is


. It includes many juices and that is a source of excess sugar."

And in any case, the doctor warns, "its main

adverse effects

are that you are very hungry and it can have

a rebound effect


Sirtfoods food

Theoretically, Dr.

Miguel Ángel Martínez-González


, this diet takes into account that "there are genes called SIRT (Silencing Information Regulators) that silence DNA or part of it and sirtuins are enzymes that are synthesized from of these

SIRT genes.

7 sirtuins are known, and there are natural elements present in certain plants that can increase their level in the body. The foods that contain them have been called





include "hazelnuts, extra virgin olive oil, red wine, chocolate, aromatic herbs, tea or coffee, generally very healthy foods," says


But the so-called

sirtfood or sirtdiet

goes further and includes an initial period in which you have to go very hungry "and no one has convincingly shown that this scheme will not have a rebound effect. Beyond the advice of some celebrities and women fashions, there are also no serious studies that prove that this diet system will improve vascular or metabolic risk, "he warns.

The Sirtfood diet, in three phases

As we said.

The diet begins by reducing the calories we eat each day for the first week by a thousand.

It is the hardest phase, you have to follow it strictly without lengthening it more than seven days and it allows us to lose 3 to 7 kilos.

They mainly take

green smoothies

that include foods with sirtuins.

The second week we will increase the calories until we reach 1,500.

You should consume at least three

green smoothies a

day and make a strong meal - lunch or dinner - that contains foods with sirtuins.

Finally, in the third week we will be able to eat three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, as always with foods rich in sirtuins.

In addition, we will have two

green smoothies


This phase, the third, can be lengthened until the desired weight is reached.

Allowed foods

In general, all those that contain


, to aid weight loss, and basically fruits and green leafy vegetables, avoiding meat, fish and carbohydrates:

  • Black coffee and green or matcha tea

  • Celery, arugula, capers, soybeans, kale ...

  • Strawberries, blueberries, and dates

  • Walnuts, in small quantities

  • Dark chocolate, at least 85% cocoa

  • Extra virgin olive oil

  • A glass of red wine a day

  • Onion, garlic, coriander and parsley

  • Spices, especially hot ones, ginger, and turmeric

The green smoothie of the Sirtfood diet

This is the

green smoothie

that characterizes the

Sirtfood diet

and that, especially in the first weeks of the diet, is consumed in generous quantities.

It is recommended to consume it half an hour before each meal.

To do it you will only have to mix all the ingredients in a blender and add water to taste;

the thicker it is, the more it will fill you up.

Always use very fresh products.

  • 75 g of fresh kale.

  • 30 g of arugula.

  • 5 g of parsley or coriander.

  • 2 or 3 stalks of celery with or without leaves.

  • A piece of green apple.

  • A piece of lemon or the juice of one whole.

  • One teaspoon of powdered green tea or matcha.

  • One teaspoon of ginger.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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