The reporter learned from Tangshan City Government that after the death of truck driver Jin Deqiang taking pesticides in Fengrun District, Tangshan City on April 5, 2021, Tangshan City immediately formed a joint investigation involving public security, disciplinary inspection, transportation, health, and judicial departments. The group conducted an in-depth investigation in accordance with laws and regulations.

  It is reported that on April 5, Jin Deqiang drove a truck into the guard box at the Zhichao Station in Jiangjiaying, Fengrun District, to undergo a joint road police inspection.

Law enforcement officers found that the truck's Beidou positioning system was not operating online and was suspected of violating relevant road transportation laws and regulations, and guided the vehicle to the Zhichao Station for suspension in accordance with the law, and informed Jin Deqiang to go to the Zhichao Station License Office for further verification.

Jin Deqiang did not go to the license room for verification immediately, but left the scene on his own.

After investigation, it was discovered that he went to a nearby supply and marketing agency to buy pesticides, and returned to the Supermarket Control Station to consult the illegal behavior penalty standard at the license office window.

According to the "Hebei Province Road Transport Regulations", the staff told him that similar illegal cases were fined 2000 yuan after verification.

During the consultation period, no punishment has been implemented, neither party has excessive words or deeds, nor verbal or physical conflicts.

Without warning, he took out the pre-purchased pesticide from his pants pocket and drank it quickly.

After the staff of the license office discovered that the unidentified liquid that Jin Deqiang drank was pesticide, they called the police and dialed the emergency number 120 in time.

The people present immediately rushed him to the hospital, where the hospital tried its best to rescue him, but the treatment failed and passed away.

Combined with the hospital's clinical examination and diagnosis, the public security agency determined that Jin Deqiang committed suicide by taking a large dose of "Di Cao Kuai" pesticide, and his family had no objection to this.

  After the incident, the relevant departments of Tangshan City accompanied the family members to the site of the incident to view the entire video data, truthfully informed the family members of the investigation results of the public security organs and relevant departments, and assisted the family members in handling the aftermath in a timely manner.

(Headquarters reporter Du Zhenniu Lihua)