Currently, some cloudy weather continues across the country.

It is raining or snowing on the east coast, but until today (7th) morning, there will be a little more rain of about 1cm or less or less than 5mm of snow in Yeongdong, Gangwon and the mountainous areas of Gyeongbuk, and the east coast of Gyeongbuk.

As the air diffusion is smooth today, the concentration of fine dust across the country is expected to be from good to moderate.

These days, the daily temperature difference continues to widen.

It is a time when your immunity tends to weaken, so you should take good care of your health.

Currently, the temperature in Seoul stands at 2.3 degrees, and today's daytime temperature will rise to 11 degrees.

There will be no extreme cold until the beginning of the week.

On the east coast today, you need to be careful of the swelling waves.

There will be a lot of clouds nationwide sometimes.

If you look at the current temperature, Daejeon stands at 4.2 degrees and Seoul stands at 2.3 degrees. Today's daytime temperatures are expected to rise to 11 degrees in Seoul, Cheongju and Daejeon, and 10 degrees in Daegu and Busan.

There will be no news of rain until the beginning of the week, but it will rain or snow in the southern regions of the week and Jeju.

(Soyoung Jeon Weather Caster)