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Where two hours gained global fame, but they are as contrasting as day and night. The first is the high-precision watch, "Big Ben" in London, and the second is short and expired, and it is the hour of the retired Libyan brigade, Khalifa Haftar. .

As for those residing outside Libya in the hotels of the greedy capitals, they must observe the difference of sincerity between the army of a government that is recognized by the people and the world, and the grouping of militias from the multinational mercenaries, led by a failed contractor for the contractors who entered the village of spoiled it, the rule of patriarchy rose to the custody of the state, and in the past it was said: maintaining the achievement More important than achievement.

After the defeat Haftar and those with him came out after they tasted their taste, and they said it is a tactic, and they even withdrew from the country to make way for the holiday swings.

The normalization race, and
while Israeli sources revealed that Abu Dhabi sent a luxury plane to evacuate Israelis stuck in Morocco more than a month ago due to the Corona pandemic, another Emirati plane was launching direct public flights with Israel, under the pretext of transporting medical aid to the Palestinian Authority, on the basis of the "reassuring" program. My heart ", with a difference that the program places the Emirates flag, which was hidden by the Emirati veiled plane, landing at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel.

At this time, anti-normalization youth in Qatar were expressing their rejection of a report confirmed by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz saying that the grant of 100,000 tickets to the medical staff, which Qatar Airways announced was being offered, would not exclude Israel and described this as a misplaced humanity.