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The first is obvious: eat well. It is no secret to anyone that where the abs are truly chiselled is in the kitchen, not in the gym (but one without the other, they would not work). Because the objective, you know, should not be marking drying us which raisins to look 'six pack' in the networks, but get a strong 'core' (and without visceral fat) so that, among other things, it fulfills the functions anatomical that has entrusted.


Because this fabulous corset that gives us a series of nature and that we weaken, condemning a life sentence of 'setism', is the best guarantor of the health of our back. Only if we keep it strong will we be able to "safeguard our 'homo erectus' stance and prevent us from ending up becoming' homo informaticus," Juan Manuel Gutiérrez Viñuales, a doctor in the Sports Medicine Unit at Sanitas La Moraleja Hospital (Madrid), told ZEN ).

David Taylor Serrano, a graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences and a personal trainer (collegiate number: 56,489), goes further on his list of compliments to a well-worked abdomen. "When we are at rest, all our body weight falls on the spine and a strong abdomen minimizes that burden, preventing overloads, contractures and pains ; protects our internal organs, preventing pathologies as widespread as hernias or constipation; minimizes the percentage of fat in the abdominal contour , keeping metabolic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, etc., improves our mobility, dexterity and agility, helping us to be more effective when doing daily activities (work, care for our children, have sex , etc.) or sports and optimizes our breathing ".

Anything else? Yes and quite worrying, in addition, because the alarming thing is not that that 'beer gut' spoils the inn without a shirt, but the health problems that can lead to you . "A high percentage of visceral fat - so called because it accumulates inside the abdomen around vital organs - carries a high health risk that can result in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension and some types of cancer," explains Rubén Bravo, nutritionist of the European Medical Institute of Obesity (IMEO).

Lighter, water.


Killing yourself to do abs without control is useless. Martín Giacchetta, co-founder of Boutique Gym and sculptor of 'six packs', gives us his formula, which goes through combining cardio and toning : "The aerobic is essential to make the heart work. With the strengthening we will be able to increase muscle mass, promoting its endocrine function which will help us burn more calories even at rest. "

What can we do then to cover aerobic sessions? A minimum of 30 minutes of running, elliptical (or climbing stairs), exercise bike, swimming or rowing three times a week. Or, which is much more bearable (and easy), walk every day as much as we can and more.

Miguel Rojo, coach of Cool Health Club (Madrid), explains how to make irons.

And those of strength? Easy too. Spend three or four days a week between 10 and 15 minutes to strengthen the abdomen with specific routines that, by the way, you can do anywhere (no more excuses!). You know, Harvard experts bet on the plates for their effectiveness and their way of working the muscles as a whole as we use them in our daily lives.

How to get a flat gut without doing crunches | THE WORLD

But there is life beyond the plates, as Coach Noe Todea has shown us with her boards with elastic bands.


Here, once again, there is nothing left to apply in common sense. We all know what is good for our body and what is left over. The problem is when the will falters. Just in case, here is a reminder of what our experts say:

"We must radically eliminate refined sugars; fried foods; sugary and exciting drinks; unnatural juices; pastries and any high-fat foods," explains María Amaro, a nutrition expert at Feel Good Clinic (Madrid).

Obviously, it is also essential to give up everything that causes gas, such as "soda with gas - no matter how light - or chewing gum, which fill our gut with air."

Then what do we do? "Make five meals a day, slowly and chewing each bite well; increase the intake of fruits and vegetables and decrease that of hydrates; take more fish (especially blue) and less meat (the one we eat should be lean, turkey or chicken) and have good hydration. "

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