China News Service, Urumqi, March 2 (Li Ming and Li Huihui) On March 2, reporters learned from Horgos Customs that as of March 1, the number of commercial vehicles exported through the Horgos Highway Port in 2024 had exceeded 2 million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 381%.

  On the 1st, after completing customs clearance procedures at Horgos Customs, more than 700 commercial vehicles drove from the Xinjiang Horgos Highway Port to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and other countries.

  As an important land port for automobile exports in the country, the export of complete automobiles at Horgos Port has shown a "blowout" growth trend, and the export of commercial vehicles has reached a record high.

Current export models include new energy vehicles, forklifts, dump trucks and other types of vehicles.

  Liu Qiang, business manager of Horgos Haocheng International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd., said: “There are now a variety of outbound customs clearance solutions for commercial vehicles for us to choose from, including local customs declaration, integrated declaration, direct customs transfer and other modes. The export prospects of domestically produced automobiles are very promising. This year our company has exported more than 1,500 commercial vehicles, with a trade volume of over 300 million yuan."

  Faced with the growing export demand for domestically produced commercial vehicles, Khorgos Customs has been oriented to the needs of enterprises this year, strengthened policy supply, and carried out full-process customs clearance policy publicity and troubleshooting services; it has contacted enterprises in advance to understand the export plans of commercial vehicles, Formulate a "one enterprise, one policy" targeted support plan, actively coordinate with relevant port departments, strengthen collaboration, and ensure smooth customs clearance of commercial vehicles; on the basis of continuing to use the "self-driving" model to export commercial vehicles, the "cage truck loading" model will be simultaneously used Transporting commercial vehicles provides enterprises with the convenience of efficient customs clearance while ensuring safety, and effectively promotes the steady increase in the quality and quantity of domestic commercial vehicle exports.

  Qin Shaofeng, a first-level administrative law enforcement officer of the First Section of Horgos Customs Supervision, introduced that we provide 24-hour customs clearance services, open a green channel for the export of commercial vehicles, and expand port traffic capacity by continuously optimizing customs clearance processes and dynamically adjusting human resources, and compress export commodities. Vehicle customs clearance time, create the optimal customs clearance environment, and ensure that the export customs clearance of commercial vehicles is "inspected as soon as they arrive" and is quickly verified and released.

  Horgos continues to improve the level of customs clearance facilitation, expands a wider range and more levels of personalized supervision methods, and provides more efficient and convenient logistics channels for the export of commercial vehicles.

According to Horgos Customs statistics, Horgos Port will export 304,000 commercial vehicles in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 307.5%.