China News Service, Nanning, March 1 (Yang Chen, Huang Dakun, Wei Yaoyin) On March 1, reporters learned from Pinglu Canal Group Co., Ltd. that the Pinglu Canal, the backbone project of the Western Land-Sea Corridor, has resumed work as well as all the construction personnel and large machinery. Reaching 100%, the resumption of work and production after the holidays was efficient and orderly, setting off a construction climax.

The resumption of work and production at the Pinglu Canal and Horse Road Hub is a busy scene.

Photo courtesy of Pinglu Canal Group

The earth and stone excavation of Pinglu Canal Youth Hub is in full swing.

Photo courtesy of Pinglu Canal Group

  The Pinglu Canal is the backbone project of the New Western Land-Sea Corridor.

With the help of the canal, Guangxi's more than 5,800 kilometers of inland waterway network and some waterways in Yunnan and Guizhou will be directly connected with ocean transportation, better utilizing the structural function of the New Western Land-Sea Corridor and greatly improving the channel's transportation capacity.

Goods from the southwest region leave the Beibu Gulf via the Pinglu Canal, which shortens the voyage to the sea by more than 560 kilometers compared to the current sea route through Guangzhou. It is expected to save more than 5.2 billion yuan in transportation costs for the areas along the New Western Land-Sea Corridor every year.

  During the Spring Festival, 3,200 builders along the Pinglu Canal worked hard at various posts.

After the holiday, Pinglu Canal Group quickly organized all participating units to fully resume work and production, scientifically compiled work plans for safe resumption of work and production after the holiday, extensively organized safety production and fire safety education and training for all employees, and carried out comprehensive inspections on resumption of work and production across the board. Conduct a thorough inspection of the equipment conditions of personnel entering the site, production safety conditions, and environmental and water protection conditions for resumption of work to ensure full resumption of work and production.

The Qishi hub of Pinglu Canal has been fully powered.

Photo courtesy of Pinglu Canal Group

Workers are intensifying construction at the Pinglu Canal site.

Photo courtesy of Pinglu Canal Group

  In the past few days, the Pingtang River Estuary, the starting point of the Pinglu Canal, has been full of spring. Dredging ships have been operating at full capacity to promote channel excavation construction. At the construction site of the hub project, the tower crane is like a giant "conductor", dispatching accurately and powerfully. Each construction component moves in a coordinated and smooth manner; in the estuary section where the spring tide surges, the "Sky Whale", the first ultra-large self-propelled cutter suction ship built by China, faces the rising sun and starts a new day of blowing and filling operations.

  2024 is the year for the Pinglu Canal project to be fully tackled.

According to the Development and Reform Commission of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, as of February 18, 2024, the Pinglu Canal has completed a cumulative investment of approximately 26.3 billion yuan, and has excavated a total of approximately 166 million cubic meters of earth and rock. It is changing from a "planning map" to a "real scene" picture".