China News Service, Xi'an, March 2 (Wang Mengyao) The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development held an on-site meeting on national affordable housing construction work in Xi'an on the 1st. The meeting called for accelerating the planning of the second batch and subsequent affordable housing projects.

  The meeting pointed out that accelerating the construction of affordable housing is a major decision-making arrangement made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. It is a vivid practice of adhering to the people-centered development idea and a powerful measure to adapt to the new situation of major changes in the supply and demand relationship in my country's real estate market.

Increasing the construction and supply of affordable housing will help accelerate the construction of a new model of real estate development, improve the "security + market" housing supply system, and meet the rigid housing needs of working-income groups.

  The meeting called for focusing on project construction, vigorously promoting the start of affordable housing projects, and building affordable housing into "good houses" in accordance with green, low-carbon, smart, and safe standards. At the same time, the project quality and safety supervision should be strengthened to maintain the bottom line of safety.

It is necessary to grasp the introduction of policies and issue implementation measures and related supporting policies for the planning and construction of affordable housing as soon as possible.

  In addition, the meeting also called for accelerating the planning of the second batch and subsequent affordable housing projects, requiring the second batch of projects to be reported as soon as possible according to regulations, and planning and reserve for subsequent projects to speed up the formation of "implement one batch, reserve one batch, plan one batch" "Project rolling promotion mechanism.

It is necessary to prepare a good housing development plan, regard affordable housing as an important part of the housing development plan, and scientifically determine the development goals of affordable housing.

It is necessary to tell the new story of real estate transformation well, promptly summarize experiences and practices that can be replicated and promoted, increase publicity and publicity, and achieve examples to lead the way and demonstrations first.