Netlink Clearing Company stated today (2nd) that as a financial infrastructure, Netlink Clearing Company will give full play to the role of the main channel for online payment and continue to optimize the level of payment services for people coming to China.

Expand the scope, support more domestic mainstream wallets to launch "foreign card binding", and continue to expand the country and regional coverage of "outsourcing and internal use"; at the same time, actively carry out interconnection with overseas financial infrastructure, explore and develop cooperation with international bank card organizations network docking; in addition, it is necessary to create two main channels for overseas wallet acceptance, leading payment institutions and mainstream acquiring banks, to promote all parties in the industry to share acceptance logos, jointly build key business districts, and enable people coming to China to access key areas and scenarios Payments are hassle-free.

  According to reports, the "foreign card binding" business model launched by Wanglian Clearing Company supports overseas residents to bind overseas bank cards issued by major bank card organizations such as Visa and MasterCard to domestic wallets, realizing the integration of overseas bank cards and domestic barcodes. The seamless connection of payments enables people coming to China to pay smoothly within the country, with the current average daily transaction volume exceeding 100,000.

  At the same time, Wanglian Clearing Company actively builds the main "outsourced internal use" transaction channel to support overseas residents to directly use overseas wallets to pay domestic merchants. It currently covers 12 local heads in 8 countries and regions including Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia. Wallet allows overseas people to enjoy convenient mobile payments within the country without downloading a domestic wallet.

  (CCTV reporter Wang Lei)