China News Service, Jiangxi Pengze, March 1 (Wu Fayang, Yuan Xin, Zhouwei) Recently, walking into the Jiujiang Hongguang International Port Terminal in Pengze County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, a nitrile glove container loaded with 19.4 tons and worth US$56,000 was discovered. , successfully cleared customs under the supervision of Jiujiang Customs officers affiliated with Nanchang Customs, and will soon take the "Huabo 99" river boat to Yangshan Port to change ships and go to sea.

This is the first foreign trade container business of Jiujiang Hongguang International Port after the expanded opening of Jiujiang Port. It is also the first foreign trade container cargo shipped directly from Hongguang Port after the integrated operation of Chengxi Port and Hongguang Port. It marks another addition to Jiujiang Port. A new channel to the sea.

  "Hongguang Port is the foreign trade port at our doorstep. Compared with the previous use of trailers towed from the factory to Chengxi Port, now the goods can be shipped directly as soon as they arrive at Hongguang Port, which greatly reduces logistics costs and saves shipping costs. The time and operations are also more flexible. According to estimates, the cost of a single cabinet can be saved by about 700 yuan, and the annual cost savings is expected to be about 1.5 million yuan." said Wang Man, international logistics specialist of Jiangxi Yingke Medical Co., Ltd.

The picture shows the operation site of Jiujiang Hongguang International Port in Pengze County.

Photo provided by interviewee

  It is understood that Jiujiang Hongguang International Port Container Terminal is the dedicated container terminal with the strongest throughput capacity in Jiangxi Province.

The smooth departure of this container cargo will expand the radiation range of Jiujiang Port, play a positive role in "exporting goods from Jiangxi Province", reduce costs and increase efficiency, and will also consolidate Jiujiang Port's role as a container hub port in the Yangtze River Basin in Jiangxi Province. Strategic position, accelerate the construction of Jiujiang regional shipping center and port-type national logistics hub.

  "After the expansion of Jiujiang Port, Jiujiang Customs has been actively supporting the integrated development of multiple port areas, guiding the terminal to complete the change of site operators throughout the process, helping enterprises sort out various customs clearance links, and supporting the launch of the 'Smart Linked Logistics Supervision' platform to strengthen supervision. Under the premise of promoting the vigorous development of the Jiujiang Port economy. In the next step, Jiujiang Customs will focus on the important responsibility of guarding the country and promoting development, combined with the construction of smart customs, continue to release the effect of 1+n reform and innovation, further optimize the business environment, and accelerate the development of the Jiujiang region The construction of a shipping center and a port-type national logistics hub." said Zheng Yue, deputy chief of the Logistics Monitoring Section of Jiujiang Customs.