China News Service, Shanghai, March 2 (Reporter Xu Jing) The two sessions of the National Committee are about to be held. Ding Zuohong, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of the board of directors of Yuexing Group, said in an interview on the 2nd that this year he plans to submit a proposal on the cautious promotion of prepared dishes. .

He said that the lack of mandatory standards has led to immature legal conditions for the promotion of prepared dishes; limitations in technical conditions have made it difficult for the technical and economic costs to be accepted by the consumer market, because full cold chain and fully closed operations are required to ensure food safety.

And this will inevitably lead to rising costs.

Therefore, prepared dishes should be promoted with caution.

  Ding Zuohong said that prepared dishes are currently developing rapidly in our country.

A report shows that China's prepared vegetable market will reach 419.6 billion yuan in 2022, and will form a trillion-level market in the future.

At the same time, due to the lack of unified national standards in production supervision and other aspects, as well as the pursuit of profits by capital and industry, the quality of prepared vegetable production is uneven, and the industrial development is barbaric and disorderly.

The picture shows Ding Zuohong, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, member of the Standing Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and chairman of the board of directors of Yuexing Group.

Photo provided by interviewee

  In Ding Zuohong's view, the rapid expansion of prepared dishes has brought many negative impacts to the economy and society, and can easily destroy the unique gourmet genes and cooking culture of thousands of households that have been formed over thousands of years.

  Ding Zuohong suggested that we should effectively protect the public's right to inform and choose the consumption of prepared dishes. It is recommended that the market supervision department formulate relevant implementation rules as soon as possible in the implementation and supervision process. On the one hand, it is stipulated that relevant catering companies and merchants must proactively and clearly disclose the source of relevant dishes. Whether it is a prepared dish or not, all ingredients and additives contained in retail prepared foods must be clearly marked on the outer packaging. In particular, the shelf life must be scientific and reasonable.

  "Prepared dishes must be cautious when entering schools and communities. Before the formation of unified national standards, prefabricated dishes must be treated with caution when entering schools or communities, and quality control must be strictly controlled." Ding Zuohong called on relevant departments to increase the opinions of representatives of student parents or community residents. During the listening and voting sessions, a one-vote veto system will be implemented to effectively protect the health of vulnerable groups such as students and the elderly.

  At the same time, unified national standards for prepared dishes should be introduced as soon as possible to standardize and improve industry entry barriers.

It is recommended that the standardization administrative department formulate unified national standards for the entire chain of production, transportation, certification, and traceability of prepared vegetables.

At the same time, in view of the current low entry threshold for the prepared vegetable industry, it is recommended that the processing and sales of prepared vegetables be included in the special industrial and commercial business scope, standardize and improve the industry entry threshold, so that people can "buy with confidence and confidence" in the consumption of prepared vegetable products. Eat with peace of mind.”

  As a member of the Standing Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Ding Zuohong is very concerned about the development of the private economy.

He believes that private enterprises face an objective and increasingly serious problem in their development, which is corruption and crime within the enterprise, which has become a "cancer" that affects and restricts the healthy development of enterprises.

As "owners", private enterprises urgently need the legal "escort" of the party and the government in cracking down on internal crimes in key positions, effectively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprises, and promoting the healthy and high-quality development of private enterprises.

  In view of the actual situation of private enterprises, Ding Zuohong also plans to submit a proposal this year on measures to prevent and severely punish corruption crimes within private enterprises on how to crack down on internal crimes in key positions and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprises.

  He proposed that in the continuous improvement and optimization of the business environment, cracking down on internal key position crimes and effectively protecting the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprises should be regarded as the proper meaning of the legalization of the business environment, and relevant legislation should be continuously improved. The provisions enable private enterprises to have legal basis for punishing internal corruption and cracking down on crimes in key positions.

  In addition, private enterprises should be encouraged and guided to realize the transformation and upgrading of modern enterprise systems for operation and management, continuously improve and improve the corporate governance system, carry out the system construction of corporate compliance management, and strengthen the construction of early warning and control systems for internal corruption and crimes in key positions, especially Good at using intelligent means to strengthen risk point control.