Recently, the American Chamber of Commerce in China released the annual "China Business Environment Survey Report" stating that the financial performance of American companies in China, companies' expectations for China's development prospects, and investment intentions in China have all improved in 2023, and most of the companies surveyed will still maintain their presence in China. layout.

  "The latest report of the American Chamber of Commerce in China shows that U.S.-funded enterprises recognize that China's economic recovery is improving and the business environment continues to improve, showing the confidence of multinational companies to invest in China and deepen their cultivation in China." Deputy Director of the Policy Research Office of the Ministry of Commerce, Press Statement He Yadong pointed out at a regular press conference held recently that this is another example that China is still a "hot spot" for global investment.

  The Ministry of Commerce recently held a special roundtable meeting to interpret the implementation of the "24 Foreign Investment Articles". Representatives from more than 60 foreign-funded enterprises and 9 foreign business associations attended the meeting.

The Ministry of Commerce reported on the implementation of the "24 Articles on Foreign Investment" by various departments in the more than half a year since it was issued and implemented. Representatives of foreign-invested enterprises and foreign business associations at the meeting shared the benefits of relevant policy dividends and put forward opinions and suggestions.

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China stated that the "24 Foreign Investment Regulations" are of great significance and exciting to European enterprises, and the implementation of relevant policies deserves recognition.

The Japan Chamber of Commerce in China said that the latest survey shows that the operating conditions of Japanese companies in China have improved. Most Japanese companies still regard China as an important market and are generally satisfied with China's business environment. More than half of the companies will continue or further expand investment in China.

The American Chamber of Commerce in China and the Korean Chamber of Commerce in China stated that American and Korean companies in China have stable expectations for investment and operations in China in 2024.

Overall, more than 60% of policy measures have been implemented or have made positive progress, and the vast majority of foreign-funded enterprises feel good about the benefits of the policies, which further enhances their confidence in investing in China.

  (Our reporter Zhang Yi)