China News Service, Hefei, March 1 (Reporter Zhao Qiang) The "Regulations on the Development of New Energy Vehicle Industry Clusters in Anhui Province" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") will be officially implemented on March 1, 2024.

The "Regulations" are China's first provincial-level special regulations for the new energy vehicle industry.

  The "Regulations" have a total of 7 chapters and 43 articles. Based on the actual needs of the development of the new energy automobile industry in Anhui Province, exploration and innovation are carried out, including general principles, innovation guidance, industrial chain improvement, scenario expansion, open cooperation, etc.

  Among them, in order to promote the development of new energy vehicle industry clusters, the "Regulations" clarify the scope of new energy vehicle industry clusters; propose to adhere to innovation leadership, staggered development, complementary advantages, industrial coordination, and open development; insist on strengthening the dominant position of enterprises to forcefully promote Large, give full play to the role of the government in strategic planning guidance, standard formulation, quality and safety supervision, market order maintenance, green consumption guidance, etc.

  In order to promote open cooperation in the development of the new energy automobile industry, the Regulations stipulate that we will create an open ecosystem that is integrated into the world, support new energy automobile companies in strengthening international exchanges and cooperation, and promote the establishment of systems and regulatory service models that are connected with the general rules of international trade and investment. .

  Wang Xiang, deputy director of the Economic Law Office of the Legal Affairs Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, previously stated in an interview with the media that the formulation of the Regulations has created a standardized, transparent, and stable institutional and legal environment for the development of the new energy automobile industry. , which has played a huge guarantee and leading role in promoting high-quality economic development in Anhui Province, and has also accumulated useful experience for national legislation.

  At present, Anhui has seven vehicle companies and has established a full industry chain system for new energy vehicles, with multiple technical routes for fuel, pure electric, hybrid and fuel cells.

In 2023, the province's automobile production will reach 2.491 million units, ranking second in China, and the production of new energy vehicles will reach 868,000 units, ranking fourth in China.