China News Service, Wuhan, March 1 (Lu Qi) Wuhan City’s series of press conferences on “seeking progress while maintaining stability and striving for a good start” were held on February 29. The first one focused on the East Lake High-tech Zone and released the "Accelerating the World Light" Policies and Measures for Valley Construction”.

  In September last year, the Hubei Provincial Government issued the "Action Plan to Accelerate the Construction of the World Optics Valley".

In order to promote the implementation of the action plan, Donghu High-tech Zone is problem- and demand-oriented, drawing on advanced domestic and foreign experience and practices, and has organized multiple discussions with representatives of enterprises, universities, and entrepreneurial service institutions to formulate policies and measures for the construction of the World Optics Valley.

  This policy measure focuses on the three important goals of building a source of original innovation, a leading place for emerging industries, and a place for dynamic ecological conservation. It follows the entire process and all-factor innovation chain of "source innovation - technological research - achievement transformation - emerging industries - science and technology finance". Proposed 30 specific support policies from 11 aspects.

  Various policies and measures are full of "gold content".

Among them, a maximum of 100 million yuan in financial support will be provided to approved national manufacturing innovation centers, industrial innovation centers, and technology innovation centers; for the construction of high-end R&D institutions, science and innovation colleges, and future technology colleges around the leading industries of the East Lake High-tech Zone, a maximum of 100 million yuan will be provided. Provide 100 million yuan in operational and R&D funding support; support enterprises and various research institutions in introducing top scientific and technological talents from around the world, and provide up to 100 million yuan in subsidies for introduced top scientists; set up a special equity incentive fund of 1 billion yuan to support enterprises To attract and retain core talents, each company will be provided with special financial support of up to 30 million yuan.

  The policy proposes that by 2025, the world influence of "China Optics Valley" will be initially formed and the "Five Ones" goals will be achieved, that is, building a national laboratory, carrying out research on 100 key core technologies, and birthing a 100-billion-level technology leader. Enterprises, cultivate 10,000 high-tech enterprises, and form a trillion-dollar industrial cluster; by 2035, build a "World Optics Valley" with global influence.

Lead the comprehensive construction of Wuhan's nationally influential science and technology innovation center, becoming an important pole in the world's innovation landscape, a global optoelectronic information industry landmark, and a world-renowned new science and technology city that is livable, green, smart, and humanistic.