China News Service, Beijing, February 29 (Reporter Xia Bin) The Central Bank of China held a promotion meeting on optimizing payment services on February 29, proposing to provide more high-quality, efficient and convenient payment services for the elderly, foreigners in China and other groups. Better serve society and people's livelihood and open up to the outside world at a high level.

  The meeting pointed out that the People's Bank of China will work with relevant parties to adhere to goal orientation and problem orientation, coordinate efforts to make up for shortcomings and weaknesses according to the payment habits of different groups, continue to deepen the construction of payment service scenarios, continuously improve the inclusiveness of payment services, and strive to improve multiple A hierarchical and diversified payment service system.

  The meeting requested that all relevant units strengthen cross-departmental cooperation, refine work measures, clarify timetables and roadmaps, and establish a tracking and supervision mechanism.

It is necessary to focus on key cities and places, stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of payment service entities such as commercial banks, non-bank payment institutions, clearing institutions, and foreign currency exchange institutions, and pay close attention to bank card acceptance, foreign currency exchange, cash payment, mobile payment, and publicity and promotion. Focus on key tasks and strive to achieve significant results in the short term.

  Hu Haozhong, Executive Vice President of China UnionPay, said that the company will focus on strengthening communication with local transportation and other departments, speeding up the resolution of problems such as the subway and taxi industries not supporting the acceptance of bank card contactless payments, and optimizing the design of Travel Pass card products to allow UnionPay, banks and other The payment products are versatile and easy to use in various scenarios, continuously improving the payment experience for various groups such as the elderly and foreigners coming to China.

  Wang Zeyu, general manager of Bank of China's personal digital finance department, said that in the future, he will work with various industry entities to provide multiple payment methods such as credit card, cash, scan code, and digital renminbi for consumers to choose from, ensuring that consumers can spend what they want. .

"At the same time, as a commercial bank, we will also focus on optimizing the card acceptance environment and ensuring cash services."

  Jing Xiandong, chairman and CEO of Ant Group, also mentioned that the next step will be to promote "age-appropriate" payment services and eliminate the digital divide.

Introduce more services for foreign users and access more card organizations and overseas e-wallets.

Efforts will be made to strengthen the promotion and popularization of mobile payment and ensure the security of relevant major events.