“If you don’t have spare money lying around, you can buy it even after work.” A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily found that since this year, many financial management companies have launched “financial night markets”, which are open 24 hours a day, so that office workers can invest and manage money calmly and efficiently after get off work.

  Many bank apps have set up special areas for “Finance Management Night Market”

  A reporter from Beiqing Daily saw that the "Wealth Management Night Market" section on the Ping An Bank App has 6 exclusive financial products for Ping An Financial Night Market, all of which are cash management. If you purchase these products before 24:00 on the trading day, your products will start on the second trading day. Calculate the benefits.

Take "Tiantian Growth No. 1" as an example, the subscription fee is 0, the minimum purchase is 1 cent, and the additional fee is 1 cent.

For subscriptions from 0:00 to 24:00 (exclusive) on trading days, income will be calculated starting from T+1 trading day; for subscriptions on non-trading days, income will be calculated from T+2 trading day.

You can check your earnings the day after you start calculating earnings.

The redemption fee is 0.

Supports quick redemption and ordinary redemption.

Under normal circumstances, quick redemption will arrive in real time, and the daily quick redemption limit is 10,000 yuan.

For redemptions on ordinary redemption trading days from 0:00 to 24:00 (exclusive), the redemptions will be credited to the account on T+1 trading day; for redemptions on non-trading days, redemptions will be credited to the account on T+2 trading days.

  There is also a "Finance Management Night Market" on the Everbright Bank App.

The Everbright Financial Sunshine Bilewood No. 21A product sold on behalf of the exchange can be purchased or redeemed before 24:00 on working days of the exchange, and the income can be calculated or credited on T+1.

  Ms. Yang, who works in a public institution in Chaoyang District, often buys Ping An Financial Management's "Everyday Growth" series to take care of her spare money.

Ms. Yang remembers that when there was no "Financial Management Night Market" in the past, if you wait to buy financial management after get off work, it will be counted as a purchase the next day, and interest will not start to be calculated until the third day. Usually, it is easy to say, it is only one day later. If you encounter On holidays, a few hours delay may result in the loss of the entire holiday income.

Now that there is a "Financial Management Night Market", Ms. Yang finds it particularly convenient. "Buying after get off work counts as a same-day subscription. You can choose products in a leisurely manner, and the interest accrual time can be extended by one day."

  High market recognition and optimization of revenue calculation time

  What is the effect of the “Financial Management Night Market” after its opening?

Judging from the existing data, market recognition is relatively high.

Take Ping An Financial Management as an example. Since its "Wealth Management Night Market" product was launched in January this year, the trading hours have been extended to 24:00 on the same day. Among them, the sales of the "flexible treasure" series have increased significantly in the past month, achieving product sales and Double improvement in customer satisfaction.

  Since Guangyin Financial Management launched the "Wealth Management Night Market" in January this year, the sales scale of the company's "Daily Salary" cash management products has exceeded 1 billion yuan, and the existing scale has exceeded 3 billion yuan.

As long as you purchase the "24-hour non-closing" Everbright Financial Sunshine Bilewood No. 21A before 24:00 on February 7 (exclusive), you can enjoy the income opportunities during the Spring Festival holiday.

The net purchase of this product on that day was nearly 500 million yuan, many of which were purchased after 17:00.

  Deng Haozhi, a researcher at Puyi Standards, said that the financial management company launched the "Financial Management Night Market" first to meet investors' needs for financial transaction time, allowing investors to conduct financial transactions at night or during non-trading hours, and to meet the flexible needs for financial transaction time. , providing investors with convenient financial services.

Secondly, the "Wealth Management Night Market" also optimizes the income calculation time. Investors' subscription and redemption can be completed on the same day, allowing investors to obtain additional income one day in advance.

If there are weekends or holidays again, there will be more days to earn additional profits, which further enhances investor confidence and product experience.

In short, the "Financial Management Night Market" uses its innovative services to stimulate investors' desire to buy, promote product sales, attract more investors' attention, and improve the brand awareness and competitiveness of financial management companies.

  Most cash management and short-term debt products

  A reporter from Beiqing Daily found that the corresponding products of the "Financial Management Night Market" are mainly focused on cash management and short-term debt financial management. Why is this?

  Deng Haozhi pointed out that, first of all, for financial management companies, cash management and short-term debt financial management products usually have shorter investment periods and faster capital withdrawal speeds, which helps financial management companies improve the efficiency of capital use and reduce capital costs. .

At the same time, the risks of such products are relatively low, which is conducive to maintaining the stability of asset quality.

  Secondly, for investors, cash management and short-term debt financial products have the characteristics of good liquidity, low risk, and stable returns, which meet the financial management needs of the majority of investors.

In the current low interest rate environment, this type of product has become an important choice for investors seeking stable returns.

By launching such products, financial management companies can attract more investors and increase market share.

  Essentially the financial management industry

  Service model and product innovation

  "'Financial Management Night Market' is essentially an innovation in the service model and products of the financial management industry," said Chen Xuanjin, a researcher at Puyi Standard. In recent years, bank financial management companies have launched various "financial management night markets" in order to attract customers and introduce more funds. ” approach to market their own products.

In the next step, financial management company marketing can focus on product innovation, channel innovation, and service model innovation.

  In terms of product innovation, financial management companies must continuously launch new financial products according to market changes and customer needs, improve product diversification and differentiation, and meet the financial management needs of investors of different types and levels.

In terms of channel innovation, financial management companies should make good use of their own scale advantages, establish cooperative relationships with various financial institutions and platforms, expand agency sales channels, and expand product coverage and influence.

At the same time, financial management companies should strengthen the development and operation of online channels, use the Internet, mobile terminals, social media and other tools to improve product promotion and sales efficiency, and reduce customer acquisition costs and service costs.

In terms of service model innovation, financial management companies can use their information advantages to analyze and profile customers, understand their risk preferences, income expectations, investment goals, etc., and provide customers with customized investment plans and recommend appropriate financial products.

Text/Coordinator by our reporter Cheng Jie/Photo provided by Yu Meiying/Visual China


  The three major A-share indexes collectively rose sharply

  The three major A-share indexes collectively rose sharply yesterday.

The transaction volume of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets once again exceeded 1 trillion yuan, reaching 1.05 trillion yuan, and northbound funds made a substantial net purchase of 16.6 billion yuan.

  February 29 was the last trading day in February. The market rose 8.13% this month. This was the first time the market turned red after falling for six consecutive months.

This red line is of great significance, which means that it has a high probability of forming an important bottom.

  The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index rose 1.94% to recover 3,000 points and closed at 3,015.17 points; the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Component Index rose 3.13% to close at 9,330.44 points; the ChiNext Index rose 3.32% to close at 1,807.03 points.

  Industry sectors rarely rose across the board, with electronic chemicals, semiconductors, shipbuilding, automobiles, general equipment, Internet services, computer equipment, and communication equipment sectors leading the gains.

  The shipbuilding sector fluctuated and strengthened during the session. China Shipbuilding rose nearly 7% to close at 35.5 yuan. The stock price hit a new high in more than 8 years, with the latest market value of 158.7 billion.

China Dynamics surged by more than 8%, with CSSC Defense, CSSC Technology, Jianglong Shipbuilding, and China Coastal Defense among the top gainers.

According to data from the China Shipbuilding Industry Association, my country's new orders in 2023 totaled 71.2 million deadweight tons, a year-on-year increase of 56.4%; the number of orders on hand was 139 million deadweight tons, a year-on-year increase of 32%; the two accounted for 66.6% and 55% of the world market share respectively. %.

  Gainers exceeded 5,200 stocks.

The hydrogen energy sector broke out in the afternoon, with the sector rising by more than 6%, and 30 stocks in the sector hit their daily limit.

Huitong New Materials surged 30%, while New Power, Houpu, Yihuatong-U, Guolin Technology and Sealing Technology surged 20%.

  Text/reporter Liu Shenliang