China News Service, Kashgar, Xinjiang, February 29 (Chen Chao) Spring is the beginning of the year, and everything takes precedence.

Xinjiang Kashgar Economic Development Zone recently held a resumption ceremony for major projects in the first quarter of 2024.

It is understood that the total planned investment in 37 major projects reaches more than 3 billion yuan, including textiles, electronic information, trade logistics and other fields.

The scene of the resumption ceremony of major projects in Kashgar Economic Development Zone, Xinjiang.

Photo by Abdulkader Abbas

  In recent years, the Kashgar Economic Development Zone has deeply implemented the local "one, two, three, four, five" strategy and the layout of the "ten major industries", implemented the "three-year doubling" action plan, and vigorously implemented the "industrial establishment, opening up to lead, science and technology to strengthen enterprises, and innovation" "Driven" strategy, in-depth implementation of the "One Body, Two Wings" industry, and achieved remarkable results in economic and social development.

  Among them, the first phase of the smart logistics port project in Kashgar Economic Development Zone covers an area of ​​567.39 acres, with an investment of more than 1 billion yuan. It will build commercial services, a smart seafood frozen market, a central kitchen, a processing center, a sorting center, and a high-standard frozen food store. Warehouse, high-standard fresh-keeping warehouse, LTL logistics, financial supervision warehouse and other facilities.

Relying on Kashgar's convenient transportation conditions and policy empowerment, from import and export trade logistics to agricultural and sideline product sales, one warehouse can be used to distribute to the whole country. The golden channel connects Asia and Europe to develop the entire industrial chain structure, forming an important modern smart logistics that promotes the opening of southern Xinjiang's economy to the west. Demonstration model, and build the smart logistics port project into a "new benchmark" for the cluster development of modern logistics industry in southern Xinjiang.

  According to reports, the 37 projects that have resumed work this time are a concentrated expression of the district’s continued efforts in “gathering industries, leading the way, and replenishing chains”, providing solid support for the high-quality development of Kashgar.