In Gaza, between bombings and hopes of a truce: “this war will eventually end”

In Gaza, the death toll has exceeded 30,000, according to the Palestinian Authority Health Ministry.

Almost the entire population of Gaza - 2.2 million Palestinians - are threatened with famine, according to the UN.

Nearly five months of war later, the devastated enclave continues to be plunged into a major humanitarian crisis.

Palestinians inspect dilapidated streets and rubble of buildings after Israeli strikes, in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, February 27, 2024. © Mohammed Salem / Reuters

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With our correspondent in Jerusalem,

Sami Boukhelifa

Nearly five months of war.


When will this nightmare end

? ”

 », asks Zakaria, contacted in the Gaza Strip.

Father of a family, he fights for the survival of his family.

He describes the bombings, the food which is becoming increasingly scarce, the diseases, the infections, the absence of medicine and

above all the exhaustion


 We can live in hell, but we can’t sleep there

 ,” he says.


Tell you it’s hard?

It's much worse than that.

It's indescribable, unimaginable.

But we endure, and we accept.

We just move from one region to another, constantly.

Right now, we're in Rafah, and the Israelis are probably preparing to attack Rafah.

If this is our fate, may God protect us

 ,” says Zakaria.


We feel this fear, but it will all pass eventually


In Rafah, as in the rest of the Palestinian enclave,

concern is high


With a difficult connection, the population nevertheless tries to follow events abroad.

Indirect negotiations between Israel and Hamas, rumors of a truce, then rumors of a new Israeli ground offensive.


Every day, we hear everything and its opposite

 ,” says Zakaria, who remains hopeful despite everything.


This war is going to end eventually.

Yes, when we are immersed in it, we feel this fear, we see this destruction, the death, the torn bodies, but all this will eventually pass

 ,” he hopes. 

In Gaza

, everyone is praying for an end to the fighting before the start of Ramadan, in ten days.

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