China News Service, Lanzhou, February 29 (Dai Wenchang) The sheep industry is a traditional advantageous industry in Dongxiang County and an important source of income for the people.

With the electronic "ID card", "Dongxiang Gong Sheep" can find its "source" all the way from breeding to the consumer's table, and trace its origin with one code.

The picture shows the staff fitting the lamb with electronic ear tags after birth.

(Information picture) Photo provided by interviewee

  Dongxiang County is a unique Dongxiang Autonomous County in Gansu Province. It has overlapping mountains and crisscrossing ravines, showing rough beauty everywhere. The rich history and long culture add a bit of mystery to the place.

The sheep raised in the county are fat and nutritious, and the quality of the mutton is good, which has been passed down to this day.

Historically, it was used as a royal tribute and was called "Dongxiang Tribute Sheep".

  "After our lamb is born, the staff will equip the lamb with an electronic ear tag, which is equivalent to the sheep's 'ID card', and upload relevant information about the 'Dongxiang Gong Sheep' to the comprehensive traceability system service platform in real time through a professional handheld device." Zhang Yang, general manager of Gansu Western Shunong Network Technology Co., Ltd., said in an exclusive interview on the 28th that the growth, quarantine and slaughter of "Dongxiang tribute sheep" will be well documented and displayed to consumers in the form of QR codes.

  As soon as consumers scan the code, information such as the origin, breed, breeding, processing, logistics, and sales of the mutton will be clear at a glance.

Zhang Yang said, "Everyone can feel at ease when eating this kind of mutton. The value of the brand is also reflected, and there are no concerns about food safety."

The picture shows the "Dongxiang tribute sheep" in the sheep shed.

(Information picture) Photo provided by interviewee

  Food has become an industry, boosting animal husbandry.

According to Zhang Yang, the breeding base implements the "house feeding + free range" model, which reduces the grazing pressure on the pastures, achieves standardization, scale, and digitization of breeding, and demonstrates and drives the rapid development of local mutton sheep breeding, pasture planting, feed processing and other related industries. .

  Zhang Yang, who has been engaged in the catering industry for decades, is well aware of modern people's concerns about food safety.

So we decided to combine the Internet with agriculture to create a new breeding model and achieve traceability of the entire product chain.

He laughed and said that since his name sounds the same as "sheep", he actually raised sheep and became a "sheepherd".

The picture shows a standardized sheep house.

(Information picture) Photo provided by interviewee

  Zhang Yang said that the breeding base has independently developed a large-scale e-commerce adoption trading platform integrating "Internet of Things + Internet technology and a 360-degree all-round traceability system" through a combination of online intelligent platforms and offline professional ranches, and launched "One-click" farming on shared farms allows urbanites to become "shepherds".

  Nowadays, every "Dongxiang tribute sheep" has an "ID card" from birth.

Zhang Yang said that each sheep in the sheep shed has an independent owner. By scanning the QR code on the ear tag, the sheep’s birthplace, adoption time, health status, immune information, growth status, etc. can be seen at a glance.