ENEOS Holdings, the largest oil wholesaler whose top management has been exposed to a series of inappropriate acts toward women, has appointed Vice President Tomohide Miyata to replace the previous president, who was ``a person with strong ethical standards.'' I have decided to promote a person to the position of president.

According to the announcement, Mr. Miyata, who will take over as president on April 1st, is 58 years old.

He joined Tonen, one of the company's predecessors, in 1990, and after serving as factory manager and managing director, he has been serving as vice president of ENEOS Holdings since April of last year.

At ENEOS Holdings, in August of last year, then-Chairman Tsutomu Sugimori resigned after being accused of sexually inappropriate behavior toward a woman at a restaurant, and then-President Takeshi Saito had expressed his intention to work to prevent a recurrence. Last December, he was fired for acting inappropriately toward a woman at a social gathering, and the vice president in charge of compliance, who was also present, also resigned.

Furthermore, this month, the chairman of a group company was dismissed for sexually harassing a woman at a social gathering.

Amid a series of revelations of inappropriate behavior toward women by top management, the Nomination Advisory Committee, which has a majority of outside directors, proceeded with the selection process.As a result, Vice President Miyata said, ``We are looking for someone who can reform old customs with a strong sense of ethics.'' The company has determined that he is suitable as the new president.