China News Service, February 27 (China News Financial Reporter Wu Jiaju) Tianya Community, which "carries the youth of many people", has been filed for bankruptcy review.

  The National Enterprise Bankruptcy and Reorganization Case Information Network shows that recently, Tianya Community Network Technology Co., Ltd. has added a new bankruptcy review case. The applicant is Zhang Xin, and the handling court is the Haikou Intermediate People's Court of Hainan Province.

  Picture from the National Enterprise Bankruptcy and Reorganization Case Information Network

  According to the website of the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, Tianya Community Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 1999 with a registered capital of 93 million yuan and its legal representative is Xing Ming.

The Tianyancha website shows that the company is the main company of the "Tianya Community" enterprise group.

  Tianya Community, which has been online for 24 years and has 130 million registered users, once widely covered the Internet group from the "post-60s" to some "post-90s" and carries the youthful memories of a generation of netizens.

  However, after more than ten years of glory, Tianya, which was listed in 2015, fell into continuous losses and chose to delist in 2019 due to "listing maintenance costs" and other reasons.

  The Tianyancha website shows that Tianya Community Network Technology Co., Ltd. has 970 pieces of its own risk information.

The company has been listed as a restricted high-consumption enterprise by the court more than 40 times. It has been enforced by the court 7 times for failing to fulfill its legal obligations on time, and its equity holdings in other companies have been frozen 12 times.

In addition, the company has been sued hundreds of times for disputes over reputation rights, infringement of the right to disseminate work information online, and other disputes.

  Picture from Tianyancha website

  On April 1, 2023, Tianya Community issued an announcement to suspend access.

Tianya Community stated at the time that it would undergo technical upgrades and data reconstruction in the near future, during which the platform would be inaccessible.

The technical team is currently actively promoting it, so please be patient.

  On May 26, 2023, Tianya Community Network Technology Co., Ltd. was included in the list of abnormal operations by the Haikou Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau because it could not be contacted through its registered residence or business location.

  On May 27, 2023, Tianya Community once again issued an announcement stating that due to difficulties in capital liquidity, the cumulative arrears of telecom IDC fees in the past few years have reached a state where coordination and negotiation are finally impossible. In addition, Tianya Community also discovered some of the platform’s own technologies. Problems need to be improved, and technology upgrades, data reconstruction, and product downsizing are needed. This will significantly reduce telecommunications costs and optimize user experience, which is conducive to subsequent sustainable development.

Therefore, Tianya Community has no choice but to suspend access services.

  The announcement stated that former employees such as Song Zheng (screen name Xiaohei), the former executive editor of Tianya Community, and some senior Tianya netizens spontaneously organized the "Seven Days and Seven Nights, Restart Tianya" event. Starting from May 28, they will carry out seven days and seven nights. Uninterrupted live broadcast, all the money raised from the live broadcast will be used to pay the related expenses required for network activation for Tianya Community, in order to help Tianya Community restore services to netizens.

  Picture from Tianya Community Weibo

  However, the "Seven Days and Seven Nights, Restart Tianya" campaign does not seem to be able to save Tianya.

  On June 3, 2023, @ restart Tianya Weibo posted that the total amount raised for the "Seven Days and Seven Nights, Restart Tianya" event has achieved 10% of the target.

  Screenshot from Weibo

  Song Zheng announced the final sales data in the live broadcast room: As of 18:00 on the 3rd, the total direct income through the Douyin platform was 149,900 yuan, including 6,451 orders, a total transaction volume of 361,000, and an estimated profit of 84,300 yuan. Rewards The income was 65,600 yuan; there were also donations from other platforms, with 368 people donating a total of 54,766 yuan.

Based on this calculation, the final total amount raised by this live broadcast charity sale is only about 200,000 yuan.

Song Zheng said at the time, "We just downloaded it, it's not over."

  Regarding the news that "Tianya Community has been filed for bankruptcy review", netizens lamented, "How much I love watching Youth", "How many lonely nights has Tianya accompanied me", "I have been reluctant to uninstall it on my desktop"...

  Picture from Weibo

  Is Tianya Community, which "carries the youth of many people", really coming to an end this time?