Recently, schools across the country have started to reopen, and "students do their winter vacation homework late at night" has become a hot search topic. On social platforms, students are writing furiously on high-speed rails, trains, and late at night.

Parents are also preparing for the new semester. Data from Meituan Xiaoxiang Supermarket shows that in the first half of the school year, the sales of essential stationery “pens” increased 5 times compared to the previous month, and the sales of notebooks increased 4.6 times compared to the previous month. An increase of 7.5 times from the previous month.

  In addition, Beijing and other places have also issued "health protection" notices. Many parents have placed orders for protective equipment in case of emergencies. Sales of alcohol wipes, masks and other products have increased significantly.

Stationery sales increased fivefold during the back-to-school season

  "A pen, a lamp, and a night can create a miracle." This sentence was posted on social platforms by many parents with the backs of children catching up on their winter vacation homework, pushing the "Back to School" blockbuster to a climax.

In addition to ridicule, parents also rushed to help their children buy stationery and replenish "hardware products."

  “Before school started, I found that a few stationery items were missing, and my child’s pens were almost running out, so I quickly placed an order on Meituan, mainly because it was fast.” Mr. Wang, who has a third-grade primary school student at home, said, “I’m used to using my mobile phone to place orders every day. For groceries and fresh food, there is a shortage of stationery now, and riders can even deliver it to the school gate."

  Data from real-time retail platform Meituan Xiaoxiang Supermarket shows that sales of essential stationery increased rapidly in the first half of the school year.

"Pen" increased 5 times compared with the previous month, "Ben" increased 4.6 times, and the correction band increased 7.5 times.

In addition, sales of self-adhesive book covers, transparent book covers and other supplies used by students after the start of school have also increased by about 5 times.

  In order to meet the demand during the back-to-school season, Xiaoxiang Supermarket also has supplies such as transparent tape, pencil sharpeners, and stapler sets on the platform.

Users place orders on mobile phones and receive them quickly within 30 minutes, meeting consumers’ needs for stationery before the start of school.

Sales of masks and wipes have increased year-on-year

  Spring is the season when respiratory diseases are most common. Disease control departments in many places have called for vigilance against the epidemic of respiratory diseases. While sending their children to school, parents have also placed orders for more protective equipment to protect their children's health.

  “In the two days before school starts, there are more masks and alcohol wipes delivered to communities and schools,” said a delivery person from Meituan Xiaoxiang Supermarket in Haidian District, Beijing. “There are a lot of orders for stationery and protective equipment, so everyone needs to protect their health.” There’s a lot of awareness.”

  According to data from Meituan Xiaoxiang Supermarket, in the first half of the school year, the sales of masks increased 4.3 times compared with the previous month, the sales of alcohol increased 4.5 times, and the sales of alcohol wipes increased 4.6 times.

Ordering protective equipment online not only eliminates the trouble of offline purchasing in cold weather, but also allows consumers who have insufficient supplies at home to quickly restock, making it easier for students to go to school with peace of mind.

Xiaoxiang Supermarket has a complete range of product types, which can meet consumers' one-stop shopping needs. Online orders can be delivered within 30 minutes, making it the choice of more parents.