On February 27, Jikrypton Intelligent Technology officially released the new Jikrypton 001, a new luxury hunting coupe, with an official retail price starting from 269,000 yuan.

The new Ji Krypton 001 starts from the most practical needs of users and uses intelligence to refresh the experience of all luxury hunting attire; with 1118 evolutions, 3 industry firsts, 12 firsts in its class, and more than 150 configurations as standard for the entire series, the hunting attire opens up 2.0 era.

The official price of the new Ji Krypton 001 starts at 269,000 yuan

  According to the survey, the appearance of Jikrypton 001 is the primary reason for many users to buy a car. Therefore, the new Jikrypton 001 finally chose to retain the beauty of the original hunting suit and added a new "hunting suit green" color; in terms of details, the front and rear bumpers and wheels were made With a more sporty upgrade, the new Ji Krypton 001 has a luxurious hunting attire and sports style.

The new Ji Krypton 001 retains the beauty of the classic original hunting suit

  In addition, the new Ji Krypton 001 has been completely reborn from its architecture to three electrics, to its body, cockpit and smart driving.

Among the approximately 2,000 "assembly-level" assembly components of electric vehicles, JiKr has upgraded 1,118 for the new 001.

The new Ji Krypton 001 utilizes the efficient linkage of software and hardware to bring users an experience beyond the past in four major aspects: intelligent drive, intelligent safety, intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit.

JiKrypton sets the standard for pure electric hunting clothing and takes the lead in entering the hunting clothing 2.0 era.

  The intelligent drive system has always been Jikrypton’s core technology, and Jikrypton’s intelligent drive tailor-made for the new 001 has comprehensively transformed from the high-voltage system, core three electricity and thermal management systems to the chassis and driving modes.

  The new Jikrypton 001 uses a full-stack 800V high-voltage system and provides users with two power batteries, namely the 100-degree Kirin battery and the world's first mass-produced 95-degree CATL Shenxing battery.

The new Jikrypton 001 equipped with Kirin batteries has a cruising range of 750 km, and the maximum charging rate is 4C. It only takes 15 minutes to charge the SoC from 10% to 80%; the new Jikrypton 001 four-wheel drive version equipped with Shenxing batteries has a cruising range of up to 675 km, with a maximum charging rate of 4C. With a charging rate of 5C, it only takes 11.5 minutes to charge the SoC from 10% to 80%, and the battery life increases by 256 km after 5 minutes of charging.

  In addition, the new Ji Krypton 001 is also equipped with the second-generation global thermal management system PTM2.0 as standard, which improves the vehicle's heat dissipation performance by 40% and reduces heating energy consumption by 13.4%.

Relying on self-developed intelligent algorithms, the new Jikrypton 001’s second-generation global thermal management system PTM2.0 has 22 working modes, and the extreme cold operating temperature is as low as -30°C.

Even in a low temperature environment of -10°C, it only takes 30 minutes to charge the battery from 10% to 80%.

  The Jichong V3, which is currently in mass production, has a peak power of 800 kW per gun.

As of January 31, there were a total of 443 extreme charging stations and a total of 2,431 extreme charging piles.

By the end of 2024, Jikrypton will have a layout of 1,000 ultra-fast charging stations, and the total number of Jikryon charging piles will exceed 5,000.

  The new Ji Krypton 001 is equipped with a front induction asynchronous and rear permanent magnet synchronous electric drive system developed with the same architecture as the 001 FR. Each motor is equipped with a silicon carbide electronic control module; it uses the same "double gear planetary reducer" as the 001 FR. , achieving 98.69% system efficiency and a torque density of 260 N·m/kg.

Relying on advanced electric drive black technology, the new Ji Krypton 001 accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers in 5.9 seconds for the rear-wheel drive version, and 3.3 seconds for the four-wheel drive version.

The new Ji Krypton 001 matches the intelligent electric drive system developed with the same architecture as the 001 FR

  The new Jikrypton 001 is equipped with the latest intelligent chassis system, which upgrades the current single-chamber air suspension to a dual-chamber air suspension, and cooperates with the CCD electromagnetic vibration reduction system to further improve the control performance of Jikrypton 001.

The "Smart Magic Carpet" is another smart driving black technology of JiKrypton. It uses the front-view camera, lidar, and perception algorithm to predict the undulations of the road ahead in advance, intelligently identify obstacles such as speed bumps, and adjust the suspension softness in milliseconds. hardness.

The new JiKr 001 upgrades the JiKr magic carpet dual-chamber air suspension system

  In order to better expand the hunting scene, the new Ji Krypton 001 brings a hidden electric tow hook and an exclusively developed intelligent towing mode. The entire series comes standard with ejection mode and drift mode; the Z-Sport version can also be upgraded with exclusive race modes. Road mode, with more than 13,000 customizable driving styles.

  At the press conference, Jikrypton Intelligent Technology CEO An Conghui also announced that the "Raikkonen Mode", which was developed and tuned by F1 world champion Kimi Raikkonen, would be officially launched to 001 FR car owners that night.

  In terms of passive safety, all new Ji Krypton 001 series are equipped with a one-piece die-cast rear aluminum body as standard, which can reduce deformation by 12% in a rear collision.

All new Ji Krypton 001 series come standard with a one-piece die-cast rear-end aluminum body

  In terms of smart security, the new Ji Krypton 001 will also be equipped with on-board satellite communication technology, which can realize two-way satellite messaging and satellite call functions. This function can work normally from -40℃ to 85℃; the signal quality is twice that of ordinary handheld satellite phones. , 7x24 hours online to protect users’ travel.

In addition, the new Ji Krypton 001 is also equipped with lidar as standard.

  In terms of smart driving experience, the new Ji Krypton 001 adopts Mobileye’s latest generation smart driving solution and the latest EVO domain control platform. The hardware, architecture, and algorithms have all been upgraded. The latest fusion perception algorithm has greatly improved the recognition of vehicles, pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles. It is more efficient and can identify various non-standard obstacles outside the system database, achieving full scene coverage of parking, highway and urban intelligent driving.

The new Jikrypton 001 intelligent driving system achieves full scene coverage

  The smart parking capabilities of the new Jikrypton 001 have been fully upgraded. Extreme parking spaces can automatically park in and out. The fingertip parking function is expected to be launched OTA in the second quarter of this year.

The new Jikrypton 001 high-speed NZP is ready for use after delivery. It will cover more than 60 cities across the country by the end of March. In the second quarter of this year, the Jikrypton high-speed NZP will cover more than 90% of prefecture-level cities across the country.

  The LCC+ enhanced lane centering assist system equipped with the new Jikrypton 001 has made key upgrades to the capabilities of large curvature curves, large intersections, and lane occupation recognition and avoidance. This feature will be officially launched to all Jikrypton 001 owners in the second quarter of this year. .

Starting from the second quarter, Urban NZP will also launch the first batch of user public tests in core cities across the country.

  In terms of the smart cockpit, the wide and luxurious space and super load capacity brought by the 3005mm ultra-long wheelbase have become an important prerequisite for users to enjoy a multi-faceted hunting life.

Not only that, the new Ji Krypton 001 also starts from the experience that users need most and has the highest frequency, and uses three major innovative experiences to bring the ultimate luxurious and comfortable smart space.

  All new Jikrypton 001 series are equipped with Yamaha surround-stereo advanced audio as standard. The audio system consists of 28 speakers.

Based on the cockpit sound field environment, Yamaha has deeply customized a 7.1.4 sound system for the new 001, and supports Dolby Atmos.

The four front and rear seats are equipped with two headrest speakers, plus the 15.05-inch 2.5K flexible OLED large central control screen that is standard on the entire series. The new 001 Jikrypton Cinema opens up the "super-sensory 5D movie" immersive experience for users.

In addition, the new Ji Krypton 001’s smart cockpit has a “healthy decompression chamber”

The new Jikrypton 001 smart cockpit opens up the ultimate 5D movie experience

  The new ZEEKR001 comes standard with the 8295 smart cockpit processor and is equipped with the latest ZEEKR001 OS6.0 system. The entire series comes standard with a 15.05-inch 2.5K flexible OLED central control screen, a 13.02-inch high-definition instrument screen and a 35.5-inch AR-HUD, supporting three screens. SR real-time rendering, as well as Kr AI large model, scene workshop, continuous voice dialogue and other rich functions.

In addition to touch and voice interaction, the new Jikrypton 001 has a set of "eye recognition" algorithms - eye interaction.

When EVA is activated, the system can operate intuitively with just one glance, adjusting the rearview mirror, raising and lowering the windows, closing the door, etc.

  The seats and canopy glass of the new Ji Krypton 001 can even think proactively and serve attentively.

The smart follow-up seats matched with the Z-Sport version of the new Ji Krypton 001 can actively determine vehicle dynamics and increase lateral support for the waist and legs within 0.1 seconds, making driving safer.

The LV zoned dimming canopy using nanotechnology has 10 levels of light and dark changes and 10 zone adjustment functions. By calculating the ambient temperature and light intensity, it can actively adjust the light transmittance of the canopy glass to fully take care of every occupant in the car. habits and needs.