Israel: municipal elections marked by the war in Gaza

Municipal elections were held in Israel yesterday Tuesday.

A poll postponed twice due to the war which broke out on October 7 between Israel and Hamas.

In the midst of war, the Israelis showed themselves to be indifferent to this consultation, which was strongly marked by the events of recent months.

Israel: Ron Huldai, former fighter pilot, was re-elected (narrowly) for a new and sixth term in Tel Aviv during the municipal elections of February 27, 2024. AFP - JACK GUEZ

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Vote for the hostages

”: The hostage families went to the polling stations in


, reports our correspondent in Jerusalem,

Michel Paul


After polling stations closed at 10:00 p.m. (8:00 p.m. GMT), the electoral commission announced a participation of 49%, well below the 59.5% recorded during the last municipal elections in 2018. Exception for Arab and ultra-Orthodox cities where voters as always were more mobilized. 

Turnout was 30.8% in Jerusalem and 40% in Tel Aviv, the electoral commission added.

In Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the outgoing mayors remain in place with a tidal wave in Jerusalem in favor of Moshe Leon.

And a landslide victory in Tel Aviv for Ron Huldai who won a sixth term.

Humiliating defeat in Haifa where the outgoing mayor did not even obtain 5% of the votes.

Obviously the Israelis are still affected by the events of October 7.

We will also have to wait for the double envelopes of the voters, the soldiers who took part in the vote during the fighting in Gaza to be counted to have the final results of this consultation.

And it will take a few days.

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As for the inhabitants of the border localities, around Gaza and around Lebanon who have been evacuated, they will not be called upon to make their decision until next November.

Opponents of the current government led by

Benyamin Netanyahu

are calling for new elections.

But legislative elections this time.


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