China News Service, Beijing, February 28th: ​​Seeking better solutions to issues concerning people’s livelihood

  China News Service reporter Xia Bin

  Around the Spring Festival, China ushered in the "spring breeze" to promote employment as promised. This nationwide employment service operation has been launched for 20 years.

Employment is the biggest livelihood issue, followed closely by housing, elderly care, education, medical care, etc.

Issues of public concern are expected to be better addressed at the National Two Sessions.

The file picture shows red flags waving in Tiananmen Square.

Photo by China News Service reporter Liu Zhen

——Realize the wish of "living and working in peace and contentment"

  Employment is about income.

Only when the "money bag" is bulging, will the people have the confidence to consume, thereby stabilizing the strategic basis of expanding domestic demand.

Zhou Hongchun, a researcher at the Development Research Center of the State Council, told a reporter from China News Service that employment is the main source of family income, a key factor in social stability, and the driving force for economic stability and progress.

Expanding employment will be the focus of this year's policy.

  In 2023, 12.44 million new jobs will be created in China's cities and towns, and employment is generally stable.

At the beginning of 2024, the efforts to stabilize employment will be considerable.

As of February 17, "Operation Spring Breeze" has held a total of 18,000 recruitment activities of various types and posted 10 million positions.

  However, in the context of the "expansion" of college graduates and the prominent structural contradictions in the employment of some groups and industries, the pressure on the employment situation this year is still considerable.

How to build a policy support system to ensure the stable employment of key groups is expected to become one of the focuses of the representative committee.

  To allow more people to live in peace, it is necessary to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.

Recently, in order to effectively alleviate the capital shortage problem of real estate companies and support project development, construction and delivery, China has established an urban real estate financing coordination mechanism, intensively released a "white list" of real estate projects in many places, and accelerated the promotion of guaranteed delivery of buildings.

  At the same time, places such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have successively announced the construction scale of 2024 or the first batch of allotment-type affordable housing, and Hefei, Guangzhou, Nanning and other places have announced the first round of urban village renovation plans, and Guangzhou has issued the second batch of "house tickets". The construction of the "three major projects" (the construction of affordable housing, the transformation of urban villages, and the construction of "both emergency and leisure" public infrastructure) continues to advance.

To build a new model for real estate development, what new signals will be released at the National Two Sessions to attract the attention of all parties.

——Guarding the path of “pursuing knowledge and seeking medicine”

  "Firmly grasp the people's livelihood attributes of education," the 2024 National Education Work Conference emphasized, highlighting its national characteristics.

Data map: On February 26, students held various "dragon element" objects to welcome the start of school.

On the same day, students at the Jinan Campus of the Primary School Affiliated to Shandong Normal University welcomed the first school day after the New Year of the Dragon. The students returned to campus to start a new semester of study and life.

Photo by China News Service reporter Zhang Yong

  Increasing primary and secondary school places, building "air classrooms", reforming higher education, promoting balanced development, deepening the "double reduction" work... these topics of public concern have frequently appeared at the local two sessions.

In the 2024 fiscal "account books" released by various places, the amount of education expenditures is also generally at the forefront and has grown significantly.

At the National Two Sessions, how the representatives and committee members provide advice and suggestions on the inclusiveness, fairness and quality of education is also of concern to the people.

  Weaving a dense "people's livelihood security net" is indispensable to provide medical treatment for all diseases.

At the beginning of 2024, the pharmaceutical field will usher in a policy package. China has implemented a tentative import tax rate lower than the most-favored nation tax rate for 1,010 commodities. Some anti-cancer drugs and rare disease drugs and raw materials have implemented zero tariffs. The burden on some patients will further increase. alleviate.

  The prices of medical services and medicines are related to the vital interests of the people.

Improve the multi-level medical security system to more accurately reduce the medical cost burden of patients with serious illnesses; focus on the prices of items with prominent contradictions, and carry out special price management of large-scale equipment inspections; explore new mechanisms for drug price formation, and increase the disclosure of credit evaluations for price recruitment and procurement. ....A series of measures that directly affect the cost of "medical treatment" for Chinese people have been put on the official agenda.

  People expect the above work to refresh the "progress bar" in the "chamber hall" of the two sessions of the country.

At the same time, how to strengthen grassroots medical and health care construction, research and development of innovative medical devices, and accelerate the research and development of innovative drugs to market will also respond to people's livelihood issues.

——To solve the problem of "one old and one young"

  When deploying this year's tasks, the Central Economic Work Conference specifically mentioned accelerating the improvement of the fertility support policy system, developing the silver economy, promoting high-quality population development, and highlighting the importance of "one old and one small".

  Wang Pei'an, deputy director of the Population, Resources and Environment Committee of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, said that high-quality early childhood development is the starting point for high-quality population development and plays a fundamental role in the high-quality development of the population throughout the life cycle. Friendly society and promote long-term balanced development of the population.

  Regarding "old age", Su Jian, director of the National Economic Research Center of Peking University, said bluntly that China will enter the peak of retirement in 2022, and aging is a real problem that needs to be faced.

He noted that China recently issued its first comprehensive policy document on the construction of a talent pool for elderly care services, and issued the "Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Developing a Silver Economy to Improve the Well-Being of the Elderly." A series of "combination punches" can help ease the burden of supporting young people. Elderly stress.

  China still has shortcomings to make up for in terms of improving childcare service support, optimizing the maternity leave system, providing more diversified elderly care services and products, and caring for "one old and one young".

Using "Happy Childhood" and "Happy Old Age" to reduce the burden on senior and junior groups, the outside world expects more warm and powerful measures to emerge at the National Two Sessions.