China News Service, February 27 (China News reporter Zuo Yuqing) After being on the Weibo hot search again, the well-known anchor Dong Yuhui chose to "escape".

  On February 27, reporters discovered that all the content on Dong Yuhui’s personal Weibo had been cleared, and the page showed “no content yet”, while his accounts on other platforms were still operating normally.

  On the morning of the 27th, Oriental Selection weakened after opening, falling by more than 5% during the session.

  According to media reports, people close to Dongfang Selection said that this was Dong Yuhui’s personal behavior.

Oriental Selection told China News Finance that it would not respond to this.

  All content on Dong Yuhui’s personal Weibo has been cleared.

Screenshot taken from social platform.

  Dong Yuhui suddenly cleared his Weibo, which also caused a lot of speculation: Why did Dong Yuhui do this?

  China News Finance noticed that just the day before it cleared Weibo, "Dong Yuhui refused to explain underwear for three times" was on Weibo's hot search. The reason for this was that during the live broadcast on the 24th, Dong Yuhui was repeatedly asked by netizens to explain underwear. The product, with a look of despair, rejected it three times: "You can't explain it, you can't do it, don't embarrass others; I advise you not to force others to make things difficult for you, and give up voluntarily. If it doesn't work, forget it if you don't buy it; I can't explain it." "

  In this regard, some netizens expressed their understanding: "It is difficult for a cultural person to talk about it, he is too shy." Some netizens believed that Dong Yuhui was "fake and noble", and some even questioned that he was "discriminating against women."

  During the live broadcast on the night of the 26th, Dong Yuhui responded to "Refuse to talk about underwear": "Don't get me wrong, I'm just shy... They said I don't talk about underwear, and then the following (comments) started to say that I discriminate against women, and I don't talk about men's underwear. , can I discriminate against myself first, and I’m sorry to say what does it have to do with discrimination?”

  Dong Yuhui is broadcasting live.

Screenshot from short video platform

  In addition,

Dong Yuhui also expressed that he is naturally disgusted with hot searches: "I will cancel this platform tomorrow and stop them."

  Since the "Small Essay" incident in Oriental Selection, Dong Yuhui has become a frequently searched topic for several months.

Under the bombardment of hot searches, some netizens gradually expressed disgust with its frequent hot searches, thinking that Dong Yuhui was buying traffic for deliberate marketing: "I don't want to see Internet celebrity anchors." "Just after the New Year, they started buying traffic aggressively again."

  From the perspective of Dong Yuhui fans, it is not a good thing for Dong Yuhui to be on hot searches.

"Every sentence can be misinterpreted. It's obviously not what it means."

  For Dong Yuhui, having to explain over and over again why he is on the hot search in the live broadcast may be a burden in itself.

This time Dong Yuhui cleared Weibo and officially stated that he "rejects traffic".

  It is still unknown whether Dong Yuhui will be "clean" after clearing his Weibo account, but this move has also triggered netizens to think deeply about social media and personal choices.

  "As a platform for information sharing and communication, social media should provide us with convenience and fun. However, when it is overly commercialized and utilitarian, it loses its original meaning. We should realize that the real value It’s not about the number of likes and retweets we get, but whether we can stay true to ourselves and stick to our own beliefs and values.” Some netizens commented.