Daniel Viana

Updated Tuesday, February 27, 2024-14:15

  • Taxes The VAT on the electricity bill threatens to rise to 21% in March and the Government has no plans to avoid it

The Government will not prevent

the VAT on electricity bills from rising to 21% in March

, that is, starting next Friday.

When the reduction was applied to 5% first, and then to 10%, the law already stated that the price per megawatt hour had to be below 45 euros for it to be maintained.

And in this month of February, the strong entry of renewables will cause the month to close below that level.

Given this situation, EL MUNDO already announced today that the Executive did not have any plan to avoid the increase, and the Minister of Economy, Carlos Body, confirmed this in the press conference after the Council of Ministers.


The measures have to continue their course

," he pointed out, to which he added that "this not only has to do with the recent evolution of climatic conditions, but with the high penetration of renewables, due to the commitment to renewables that is being done and is already having clear effects.