China News Service, Beijing, February 27 (Reporter Chen Su) The State Administration of Grain and Material Reserves stated on the 27th that China's grain market is fully supplied and operating smoothly.

  On the same day, the State Administration of Grain and Material Reserves held a press conference to introduce the relevant situation of China's grain market.

  Tang Cheng, deputy director of the Grain Reserves Department of the State Administration of Grain and Material Reserves, said that the domestic grain market supply has always been relatively sufficient and the operation is generally stable.

"Comprehensive analysis of grain production, reserves, inventories, etc., to maintain this good situation has the foundation, conditions, and confidence."

  Specifically, China's grain output has remained stable at more than 650 million tons for nine consecutive years, and output will hit a record high in 2023, reaching 695 million tons.

Among them, autumn grain is 521 million tons, an increase of nearly 10 million tons year-on-year, which will effectively guarantee the grain supply in 2024.

In addition, grain stocks are at a relatively high level, especially the two major grain varieties of wheat and rice, which are sufficient to ensure "absolute safety of grain rations."

  Tang Cheng said that China's various grain reserves have increased in scale, optimized in structure, and have more standardized management, and the material basis for regulation is very solid.

Many companies have established social responsibility reserves, and a considerable number of farmers have stored grain, which provides more layers to ensure food security.

  Tang Cheng said that China's food security-related policy system has been continuously improved, its market control mechanism has been further optimized, its reserves and emergency response capabilities have been steadily enhanced, and it has effectively responded to various risks and challenges such as epidemics and disasters.

For example, the two major grain varieties of rice and wheat are supported by the minimum purchase price policy. When organizing and carrying out government grain procurement, storage, rotation, and distribution, the overall arrangement of various grain sources such as central reserves and local reserves shall be strengthened, and coordination of throughput adjustment shall be strengthened. Linkage.

  "In view of the recent impact of rain, snow and freezing weather in some areas, the State Grain and Material Reserve Administration has guided various localities to improve response plans and strengthen monitoring and early warning, ensuring the smooth operation of the domestic grain market before and after the Spring Festival." Tang Cheng said that the next step will be to pay close attention to domestic and foreign countries. Regarding the dynamics of the grain market, according to changes in the situation and regulatory needs, we will do a solid job in monitoring and early warning, grain purchase, reserve management, inventory release and other work, and make every effort to ensure that the domestic grain market has sufficient supply and stable operation.