Seven & i Holdings plans to open a new store with a format between a convenience store and a supermarket, and will soon begin trial operations.

The company also plans to deepen its collaboration with its subsidiary Ito-Yokado, including by expanding its fresh food lineup.

On the 27th, Seven & i unveiled a new store that will begin trial operations in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture from the end of this month.

This store is halfway between a convenience store and a supermarket, and the sales floor area is approximately twice the size of a conventional convenience store.

In addition to increasing the number of products handled by affiliated Ito-Yokado, such as fresh foods and frozen foods, the company plans to deepen group collaboration by handling products from other affiliated baby products and miscellaneous goods specialty stores.

Seven & i is currently reviewing its group management, and while its subsidiary Ito-Yokado will be downsizing its stores, it has a policy of focusing on the convenience store business, which operates 7-Eleven stores, and is developing new formats based on customer needs. We are also considering expanding the store to other regions.

7-Eleven Japan President Fumihiko Nagamatsu said, ``This store will serve as a touchstone for the further evolution of convenience stores for the next generation.''

In the convenience store industry, fewer new stores are opening due to factors such as population decline, and competition in terms of services is becoming more intense, with Lawson and FamilyMart increasing their handling of clothing and cosmetics.