Recently, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (hereinafter referred to as "CAICT") announced the list of "Trusted AI Cases·AI Native Technology and Application Cases".

Taking into account factors such as technical strength, product innovation capabilities and practical application results, the 360 ​​Browser Intelligent Brain Edition and 360AI Document Assistant launched by 360 Company were successfully selected as outstanding cases in 2023.

360 Dual Products were selected as Trusted AI Cases and Certificate of Excellent Cases of AI Native Technology and Application

  With the accelerated iteration of large AI models, users have increasing demands for technical capabilities and interaction modes for products such as generation, dialogue, search, and recommendation. Traditional single modalities, small models, and scattered applications are no longer able to meet the needs of modern users. The industry urgently needs to develop and deploy more native and intelligent artificial intelligence applications.

Against this background, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology has launched a collection activity for AI native technologies and application cases, aiming to discover and display the latest research and development and application results of current AI native technologies, and provide a selection reference for the industry.

  As the leading browser in China, 360 Browser has already won the trust of users with its fast, safe and convenient Internet experience.

After the application of AI capabilities, 360 Browser Intelligent Brain Edition can provide personalized "find" and "view" by understanding the user's search intentions, including understanding individual instructions and contextual semantics, enabling AI services to be awakened while browsing, improving user access to the Internet. and office efficiency.

  360AI Document Assistant was incubated in 360 Wenku. It is an office assistant tool that integrates advanced artificial intelligence technology. It can quickly interpret document content for users and generate concise summaries, allowing users to grasp the core points of the document in the shortest time.

At the same time, 360 AI Document Assistant also has an efficient document creation function, which can provide real-time editing suggestions according to the user's personalized needs to assist users in completing document creation and modification; it can improve document creation efficiency and effectiveness through intelligent recommendations and automated processing. quality.

  As one of the earliest companies in China to deploy large-scale artificial intelligence models, 360’s core capabilities of self-developed 100 billion-scale general-purpose large-scale model “360 Intelligent Brain” rank first in the domestic echelon.

Industry insiders said: The 360 ​​Browser Intelligent Brain Edition and 360 AI Document Assistant were both selected as outstanding cases of AI native technology and application by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, which not only verified the deep strength of 360 Group in the AI ​​field, but also further segmented the domestic AI industry. Scenario upgrade and implementation provide feasible reference examples.