China News Service, Chongqing, February 26 (Reporter Zhong Yi) The reporter learned from the press conference of Chongqing’s package of policies and measures to promote high-quality development of manufacturing on the 26th that the city will focus on implementing six major actions to improve the small and medium-sized enterprise cultivation system.

  According to reports, recently, the General Office of the Chongqing Municipal Government issued the "Chongqing Reform Work Plan for Promoting Gradient Cultivation of High-Quality Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), which clearly stated that it is necessary to "build a gradient cultivation system and promote the innovation chain, industrial chain, and capital chain. , Talent chain coupling and interaction, creating a good ecosystem for the incubation, growth and expansion of high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises."

  Specifically, Chongqing will implement the science and technology intelligence action, focusing on laying out the industrial chain around the innovation chain, deploying the innovation chain around the industrial chain, promoting the aggregation and sharing of innovation resources, and improving the scientific and technological innovation service system;

  Implement digital empowerment actions, focus on cultivating a group of high-quality digital transformation service providers, and guide service providers to open "cloud service" platforms to meet the low-cost digital transformation needs of small and medium-sized enterprises;

  Implement financial assistance actions, focus on building a regional digital and intelligent financial service system, improve the equity investment fund support system, and increase inclusive finance and listing services;

  Implement standard brand value assignment actions, focus on supporting the transformation and application of enterprise patented technologies, promote enterprises to carry out standardization construction and advanced quality management system construction, and create a "golden brand";

  Implement government inclusive service quality improvement actions, focusing on improving corporate public services, market docking, problem resolution, rights protection and other mechanisms;

  We will implement actions to improve the park’s carrying capacity, focus on creating a number of start-up small and medium-sized enterprise ecological homes that organically integrate production, life, and ecology, optimize the park’s functional supporting facilities and services, and create a number of small and medium-sized enterprise characteristic industrial clusters.

  The "Plan" also pointed out that Chongqing will focus on seven key links such as seed selection and breeding, seedling selection and nursery, and build a gradient system of high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises.

The "Plan" requires that by 2027, Chongqing will have 86,000 science and technology enterprises, 12,800 high-tech enterprises, 5,000 specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprises, 40 new listed manufacturing companies, and 400 new digital workshops. , with 150,000 new valid trademark registrations.