China News Service, Shanghai, February 26. On the 26th, three foreign financial institutions, including AllianceBernstein Fund Management Co., Ltd., Amundi Financial Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Kaide Private Equity Fund Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., held collective openings in Shanghai. ceremony.

  According to reports, the opening of the three financial institutions this time is an important achievement of Shanghai's high-level financial opening up and high-quality development. It also reflects the firm confidence of foreign-funded institutions in investing in the Chinese economy and the Chinese market.

  It is understood that AllianceBernstein Fund Management Co., Ltd. is the fifth newly established wholly foreign-owned public fund company in the country and will become an important new force in the construction of Shanghai's global asset management center.

Amundi Financial Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the second wholly foreign-owned financial technology company established in Shanghai. The introduction of the group's world-renowned asset management technology system (ALTO system) will help improve Shanghai's financial technology development level. Promote the construction of Shanghai’s global asset management center.

Kaide Private Equity Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a heavyweight asset management institution built by KKR Investment Group, the world's leading alternative asset management company, demonstrating the huge appeal of Shanghai's financial market.

  Xie Dong, deputy mayor of Shanghai, pointed out that investing in Shanghai means investing in the future.

Shanghai will give full play to its comprehensive advantages such as high-end industrial agglomeration, high-level talent base, and world-class business environment to provide more market opportunities, investment opportunities, and development opportunities, create a better environment, better services, and more guarantees, and fully support all sectors. Financial institutions like this come to Shanghai to develop their businesses.

  Foreign financial institutions stated that China's asset management industry is full of vitality, the asset management ecosystem is improving day by day, and it is entering the fast lane of high-quality and sustainable development.

The newly established financial institution will use the rich experience accumulated in the global asset management business to continue to delve into the Chinese market, provide diversified financial products and services, and have full confidence in future development.