In the Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 26th, the yen exchange rate fell slightly.

As of 5 p.m., the yen exchange rate was 150.46 to 47 sen to the dollar, 34 sen weaker than on February 22nd, before the holidays.

On the other hand, against the euro, the yen was 6 sen weaker compared to February 22, and the euro was strong at 1 euro = 162 yen.98 to 163 yen.

The euro was 1 euro = 1.0832 to 33 dollars against the dollar.

A market source said, ``Last weekend, Fed officials expressed a cautious view of early interest rate cuts, leading to a move to sell the yen in overseas markets, and the yen depreciated to the low 150 yen level at one point. After that, there was some movement to buy back the yen, but in today's Tokyo market, there were many investors who wanted to assess the economic indicators for Japan and the United States that are scheduled to be released this week, so price movements were limited. I'm talking.

Yen exchange rate as of 5pm

   1 dollar = 150 yen 46 sen - 47 sen The

   yen is 34 sen weaker than on February 22nd, before the holidays, and the dollar is strong.1

   euro = 162 yen 98 sen - 163 yen 2 sen The yen is

   6 sen weaker than on February 22nd. high